Wizer – An Easy Way to Create Excellent Educational Content Quickly

Are you a teacher and believe in worksheets? Well, whatever one may say about worksheets, there is no doubt that they are extremely effective in making students understand the subject. This is because there is a difference in watching others solving a particular problem or question, and doing it by yourself. While it is important that the teacher should first ‘show’ students how to solve a question, it is also important that students should solve it on their own, and upon doing so, they understand well how to do it. This is why writing and solving questions is so important. If you believe in the importance of worksheets, there is an excellent edtech tool for you named Wizer and can you believe, it’s free! Visit Wizer.me to see how you can make use of this beautiful tool.

How can Wizer Help Teachers?

Wizer is a tool with which teachers can create worksheets, puzzles, quizzes or any other digital educational content and then assign it to students. You can create as many worksheets (and other types of digital content) as you want. Plus you can include any type of questions like multiple choice, matching, and even audio, video and graphics. You can also record questions and answers in audio format for you students with reading/writing math problems or language classes.

How do Digital Worksheets Help?

One of the major objections taken on worksheets is that they take time to be created. With Wizer, this objection is eliminated. Being a digital tool, Wizer allows you creating worksheets, quizzes and puzzles quickly.

Another problem with paper worksheets may be mistakes in creating them. Particularly in case of math, mistaken problems can be very problematic, since students get confused with wrong problems. Same is the problem with other subjects. In the case of such worksheets with mistaken content, you have to create the entire worksheet again. This is quite tedious. With Wizer, however, this problem is also eliminated, because you can correct the mistakes then and there itself, instantly. Once you make the content absolutely fault-free, you can assign it to students. Even if you find a mistake later, you can correct it on your device and send it to students – no need to create the whole worksheet again and no wastage of paper and time!

Wizer Content can be Shared with Other Teachers

On Wizer, there is something called “Public Gallery” on which you can share your content which other teachers can use for their purpose. Similarly you can use other teachers’ contents for your students. Thus Wizer has created a beautiful community of innovative and creative teachers who are always in search of new teaching methods which can make teaching and learning process easy and fun. This has another benefit that by looking at other teachers’ work, a teacher can be inspired to make similar content or even more improved content which ultimately can benefit students.

Ease of Access

For creating a worksheet or other content on Wizer, you need not be at your home or school to create it on a desktop computer. Wizer is compatible to other devices like smartphones, iPads and tablets. So, if an idea strikes your mind while travelling, you can immediately create a worksheet, quiz or puzzle on your phone or tablet; no need to wait till you reach home or school. This eliminates the possibility of forgetting the idea or not being able to create content as per the original idea because of the time lapse. Wizer works on any 1-to-1 device with the internet connected to it. So, it works on laptops too, and with browsers like Chrome and Safari. Wizer can also be integrated with Google Classroom and you can assign your content to students directly. If your school has Haiku or Moodle digital learning platforms, then too, no problem! Wizer works on them too.

Variety of Free Worksheets

Wizer features free worksheets of a variety of types like Math, Science and Social Studies. So, you can use them easily. If you find them useful, you can give them a “heart” and leave a note of appreciation for the teacher who created them. Also you can share them via social media or email if you want other teachers to use it.

Beautiful Content

In learning, it is very important to create content that not only is useful, but also beautiful. Colors, pictures, songs and decorative patterns attract the attention of students and this is very important. Students should first get attracted to what they should study. If the layout of study material is bland, it won’t appeal students and they won’t feel like reading it or looking at it. We should understand this simple fact about the mentality of children and make the content beautiful to look at. Wizer has every tool to make your content beautiful. There are numerous themes and backgrounds with visually attractive colors and patterns which you can use to make the content engaging for students apart from being useful. Plus you can make use of images, audios and videos; thus you can create the best content for your students with a few clicks or taps.

Worksheets for A Range of Students

If you are a teacher of students who are deprived of a physical ability, like audio or visual ability, you can create a worksheet for them with Wizer, thanks to the audio and visual features of Wizer. So, you can bring a wide range of students in the mainstream.

Optimizing Students’ Skills

Wizer has another excellent feature of controlling the time in which students should complete a worksheet, quiz or puzzle. With this feature, you can improve your students’ skills. So, once you make your students expert in solving your problems, let them practice to solve them in minimum possible time and optimize their skills.

Wide Range of Subjects

Any subject you name and you will get it in the wide collection of Wizer. To name a few, there are World Language, Vocabulary, Arts, Spelling, Cells, Computers, Grammar, Money, Music, Excel, Genetics, and many more, along with the more common subjects like Math, Science and Social Sciences.

Make as much educational content as you want with Wizer within a short time and teach your students in an ideal way to improve their learning skills.