3 Important Points to Consider for Getting Increasing Enrollments for Your School

You know that you’ve founded a school that can give superior education to students. But in order to spread the high-quality education, more and more students should enroll at your school. This needs proper promotion and advertising of your school. If you’re still sticking to the traditional marketing methods like newspapers, billboards and direct mail, you may be missing a lot of students that would have enrolled at your school. So, what’s the solution? The solution is online marketing.

You can take help of someone like FSE Design who are specialised in online marketing of schools, designing schools’ websites, prospectus and brochures, and with the recent social distancing norms regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve even designed Social Distancing Packages wherein they’ve put together various products to help schools prepare for the coming weeks. These include Roller Banners, External Banners, Posters, Hazard Tape, Coloured Wristbands and Directional Floor Stickers. Their experts share a lot of valuable tips on school marketing. Here are a few.

1. Your Website Experience Should be Great

Understand that designing a website for your school is not enough. The website should be such that it will give parents a positive impression about your school. Here are a few qualities that your school website should have.

  • Your website should be responsive. The parents visiting it mostly do so on their mobile device. If it’s difficult to browse and navigate, they may leave the website unsatisfied to return never.
  • It should be fast. The parents should be able to see quickly what they are looking for. A slow website is extremely irritating.
  • It should be easy to navigate because any parent won’t like to keep searching for any contact details, forms or procedures for more than 5 minutes.
  • It should look professional. If it contains stock images, running sounds and spinning icons, it’s easy for parents to connect between a poorly designed website and the education their child is going to receive.

2. Have a Great Prospectus and Brochure

Choosing the new trend of online marketing doesn’t mean that you should leave the traditional marketing through print media altogether. After all, parents would want to have a hard copy with them which they can take out anytime and read. Prospectus and brochures are great marketing tools, the experts at FSE Design suggest. Here are the tips they share for a great prospectus.

What to Include in Your Prospectus?

From 2012, it’s compulsory for all schools in the UK to show all of their important information on a website. Thus, there is now much more space in your brochures to include desirable information or exciting visuals to actually sell yourself to prospective parents and students, while keeping all the boring stuff online.

The main objective of your prospectus or brochure should be to capture the spirit of your school. Discuss with the key members of your school committee about what should be the tone of your content, any insights or quotes to include and what other key points should be included that will help you create a real reflection of what your school represents.


The structuring of your prospectus is the next important thing. Both the running order of the pages and page by page structure are important. For an organised look, each page should include a similar amount of information broken down in a similar way. For example, each page should include a similar structuring of heading, sub-headings, paragraphs, testimonials, quotes and statistics.

3. Improving Your Organic Visibility

Remember that when parents come to you to ask questions, they do research long before that. Hence your search engine presence is important.

Imagine what a parent moving to a new area and looking for a school for their children search for in Google? Most probably they’ll search for “Best School in (the area)”. Think how does your school rank in the search engines when people search for the best school in your area. Does it rank on the first page? If it doesn’t, you have to make some serious efforts.

Give equal importance to online and offline marketing of your school and you’ll soon start seeing increasing enrollments that will fulfill your dream of educating children in the best way.