Why is Email Writing Training So Important?

You’ve chosen an academic course that is going to bring you a lucrative job and so, you’re quite assured about a bright future. But if you think that’s all, you might be wrong! A great professional life is made of a lot of small things such as how you dress up, how you talk, how you move about and how confident you look. Your personality shines when you know how to handle every small aspect of your professional life. One of the most important among these aspects is email writing!

According to a research, a corporate employee on an average spends a quarter of their work life reading and writing emails. If emails are so important, don’t you think you need to have email writing training along with your main academic course? Yes, you should consider that. Plus, if you come to know about the benefits of email writing training, you’ll be further convinced with this.

Email Writing Training

Effective Way of Communication

Whether you’re applying for a new job or looking forward to getting promoted in the current job, it’s highly likely that your would-be or current bosses would check your communications skills first. No doubt, how you talk is important. But how you write emails is equally important because that is going to show them how effectively you can communicate through all means. Furthermore, as your career advances, the importance of your communication skills, both verbal and written, increases.

Emailing is a way of communication that you have to rely on to a maximum extent. Hence if you get trained in how to write effective emails, you can get a great opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills to your employers.

Way to Promotions

If you want quick promotions and more and more advanced positions in your job, you’re bound to have excellent email writing skills. Outstanding email writing represents professionalism, competence and intelligence. If you’ve got excellent email writing training, your emails will represent these qualities in you. How, after all, your bosses are going to select an inefficient, clumsy and confused person for a higher position? Poorly written emails represent these very faults in the sender’s personality. Training of writing emails enables you to write clear, intelligent and professional emails.


Creates a Great First Impression

Whichever industry it is, in the current business environment, effective communication typically refers to a heavy use of email and that further refers to being able to write. The recipient often gets the first impression of the sender from the email. In such a scenario, if the email is written poorly, the first impression about the sender is bad.

Creates a Great First Impression

Why is Email Writing Training So Important?

You may think that writing an email is not a very difficult task. Sure, it’s not! After all, you write, read and speak good English, and your grammar and spellings are correct. But take a look at this list of errors emails can have and think honestly on whether you make them:

  • You’re emailing a person for the first time, but you fail to introduce yourself
  • You’re requesting your recipient for something without using words like “please”, “thank you” or similar
  • You’ve not made it clear what exactly do you expect from your recipient
  • You mention only mistakes of your recipient without mentioning even a single good work they’ve done

And there are many others! This means that a good email doesn’t only contain good grammar and spellings. There are a lot of other areas you should pay attention to enable yourself to write good emails, and here’s where email writing training steps in.

Do you now think you should join an email writing training course at the earliest? Have you started looking for one?