Online Classes: How Do They Work?

In today’s age of internet, people can learn anything at any age, thanks to the online classes. Especially in 2020, online classes have become a necessity due to the coronavirus pandemic, as students cannot gather at schools to prevent the spread of the disease. However, many people have many questions about how online classes work exactly. So, let’s learn about them.

Online classes usually are a combination of live lectures and video recordings added with readings and assessments that pupils can complete on their own time.

Typical Structure of an Online Classroom

Although the structure of an online classroom may vary, typically online students may have to regularly log in to a LMS or learning management system, a computer-generated portal where syllabus and grades can be viewed. LMS is also a place where students can contact professors and classmates, monitor their progress, and access course materials.

If the LMS is accessible on mobile devices, students can complete their coursework anywhere, anytime. Students may even need a decent internet connection and any software, such as a word processor.

Pricing plans of the online classes is also an important factor that should be considered.

online classes

Is There a Specific Timing to Attend the Class?

The beauty of online classes is that they have a self-paced or asynchronous portion. Students can complete coursework in their own convenient time. However, there are weekly deadlines which they should meet. Still, students get a lot of flexibility.

Some online classes may even have a synchronous component, in which students view live online lectures and sometimes even take part in the discussion through videoconferencing platforms. Many teachers have applied this strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

videoconferencing in online classes

Do Online Courses Have In-Person Mechanisms?

Some online classes may need pupils to attend a residency on the campus of the school before or during the course. The details of these requirements vary.

Students may have to complete network and team-building activities, and attend informational sessions. For example, in health-related courses like nursing, some online classes may require students to work in a clinical setting.

Can Students Interact in an Online Class?

If an online course requires pupils to travel to campus or has a synchronous environment, students get a great chance to meet classmates. Otherwise students may communicate through social media, discussion forums and videoconferencing, as well as through phone and email.

Online students interact with their teachers in a similar manner, although they may have to be more upbeat than on-campus learners in order to build a strong relationship. This may include introducing themselves to their teachers before the beginning of the classes and attending office hours if offered.

Interaction in an Online Class

Is it Easy or Difficult?

The level of easiness or difficulty may vary in online classes, just as it does in traditional classes. However, the online courses are not easier just because they are online. Several online students have to spend 15-20 hours every week on coursework. The workload may differ between part-time and full-time courses. A lighter course may have less study.


Some online courses follow the traditional semester-based schedule, whereas others split the year into smaller terms. For example, some courses are divided as seven-and-a-half sessions instead of the standard 14-week semesters.

In some cases, students can choose the number of courses they can take at one time, whereas in others, they should stick to a set curriculum. Therefore, apart from thinking upon the pricing plans of online classes, prospective online students should think upon whether the online academic calendar will allow them to balance school, work and family. It should also be noted that academic calendars vary among schools.

Online classes have a lot of benefits over traditional classes. Students can definitely use them a lot to their advantage although they cannot meet their friends and teachers in person. Take this opportunity to focus on study and crack your exams with flying colors. All the best!