5 Go-to Tips to Make Your English Perfect

If you’re frustrated about the low level of your knowledge of English and the difficulties you’re facing thereby, understand that learning English is not very tough if you’re smart enough. You just have to use certain tips and tricks, and you can soon see your fluency improving. Here are a few to help you out.

1. Learn Correct Sentence Formation

Sometimes you find that you learn the meaning of a word, but you use that word wrongly in a sentence so as to make it seem unsound. Therefore it’s not only sufficient to learn the meaning of the word but also its correct usage in sentences. To make sure you’re using words correctly, always check sentences with it. The portal Sentence Stack is very helpful for this purpose. It teaches you how to form correct sentences with various words, idioms and phrases.

2. Listen to Good English

Why are you able to speak your mother tongue so fluently? It’s because you’ve been ‘listening’ to it since your childhood. Listening to a language is one of the most effective ways to learn that language. That way you come across various words, idioms and phrases in that language, learn how to respond to others’ statements, correct pronunciations and how to speak fluently. Watching English TV shows and movies, and listening to recorded speeches and podcasts are some good ways to listening to English conversations.

3. Read Children’s Books and Comic Books

The English language in children’s books and comic books is often easy and the books are illustrated. They help you put words into context. An added bonus is that they make learning fun!

4. Take Benefit of Free Online Materials

Thanks to the internet, knowledge has become much more accessible than before. Just as for everything else, for learning English there are a lot of materials available online. You should take benefit of them; many of them are absolutely free! The abovementioned portal Sentence Stack is a good example. Plus, there are online dictionaries, grammar portals and more.

5. Make English-speaking Friends

As mentioned earlier, listening to a language is one of the best ways to learn that language. You can listen to good English also by making English-speaking friends. Even if you’re not living in an English-speaking country, you can make English friends through social media and talk to them through video calls. This way you can get a chance to ‘listen’ to their English and improve yours.

There is no need to get depressed with your poor-quality English. You can always increase its level with the above tips and tricks. So, go for them and make your English perfect. All the best!