SEO Fundamentals: Preparing You for the Lucrative Career of SEO Consultancy

The new generation is fortunate to have a great range of topics to learn and choose a lucrative career. SEO or search engine optimization is one such field which has a lot of scope in today’s world of digital promotion of businesses. It can be a lucrative career for those who learn it properly and use their knowledge in live projects of business promotion.

But the real problem is how to find an appropriate SEO learning course that will help you use your knowledge to earn a decent income. Don’t worry! There are professionals who understand the need of such a course and they have developed really good SEO learning programs. A prominent one among these is the SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework by Cleo Kirkland. This very useful course is easily accessible on

It’s important to check what you’ll learn in a good SEO learning program.

Technical SEO Analysis

The course will teach you how to do technical SEO analysis which is very important for a SEO professional. It relates to all SEO activities other than content optimization and link building. Simply put, it covers how to follow search engine requirements so as to improve crawling. It’s important to learn these requirements because they constantly keep changing and become more complex, as search engines are getting increasingly sophisticated every day. Therefore technical SEO undergoes a constant refinement. Learning how to analyze it can help you greatly in how to follow search engine requirements appropriately.

Content Audit

Content audit is a process of reviewing all the content on a website systematically. This enables you to take a close look at your optimization efforts to check how well you’re helping your client meet their business objectives. By doing content audit correctly, you can find any gaps in the content so that you can adjust the process to serve your client’s targeted audience better. This can help your client to mature their content and digital marketing strategy so that their company can more effectively and efficiently provide the products and services their clients need.

Link Audit

Another important aspect of SEO you’ll learn in this course is link audit. A link audit or backlink audit is a part of offsite SEO and is a detailed analysis that helps you stress on a particular aspect of link building. It also helps you find problems or opportunities in backlinks. For example, the distribution of anchor text is an aspect of a link audit.

So, are you ready to take up the fascinating career path towards SEO consultancy by learning SEO fundamentals?