7 Strong Reasons Why You Should Join a First Aid Course

You look at any academic course as a potential boost to your career. However, there are some courses, which can help you boost your career, but more importantly they can save yours and others’ life, teach you to stay calm in any situation so you can handle them well and boost your confidence so that you can progress well in your academic training. First aid course is such a course that gives you all these benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should take a first aid course along with other academic courses to make your journey of life and career smooth.

Help in Your Medical Training

If you’re a medical student but are not very confident about your skills, a first aid training course like one of the first aid courses Northampton can strengthen your decision to become a doctor. Also, memorizing the basics can make you confident to volunteer your local emergency unit or in community events where first aid helpers are required. Prior experience in using first aid will also enable you to naturally show your commitment towards the field during interviews at medical schools.

You Feel Confident

Knowledge makes you powerful from inside. When you’re armed with even the basic first aid knowledge, you can definitely handle a range of situations, both minor and critical ones.

During the first aid training, you’ll be taught to understand your patient’s pain, gather information about their condition and take the required action. This boosts your self-esteem because you can save yourself and others if you or they are injured in the future.

Plus, the strength that comes from first aid knowledge cannot be weakened in any way. You can expand your skill set with it and be well-prepared to face difficult situations.

People can Rely on You

If you’re equipped with the basic first aid knowledge, not only your patient but all the people around you feel assured that you’re capable to deliver proper care. This is especially important when you’re traveling with your family, as you and everyone else know that you can save their lives during emergencies. Having a great peace of mind with this thought, you can stay focused on other duties during the travel.

You Stay Calm and Think More Practically

It’s very important to stay calm in any situation so that you can make correct decisions. And when it’s about accidents and injuries, this becomes even more important because safety of lives is involved. If you’re not calm, you panic and then you cannot take correct action which may leave you regretful later.

On the contrary, if you complete a first aid course, you’re able to offer immediate help to the injured person. As you have adequate first aid knowledge, you can correctly assess the situation and identify the criticality of the patient’s wounds. You can also recollect simple acronyms to recall the most effective technique to use in that particular situation.

What’s more, when you stay relaxed during the critical scenario, your patient too feels secure because they can trust you and feel confident that you’d do everything right. This helps in making them respond more positively to your efforts.

You can Offer Emotional Support

An injured person is scared about their wounds. In that case it helps if you inform them that you’ve completed first aid courses and are there to help. This helps your patient feel relieved and secure, and get an emotional support.

For example, just by knowing how to apply proper bandaging or applying pressure correctly, you can help you patient stay calm. This can help them overcome their fear and follow your instructions. Due to the emotional support, you offer them, you can relieve their anxiety and that makes it easier for you to apply the basic first aid.

Improve Your Safety Knowledge

The motto of first aid is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, one of the primary goals of first aid courses is prevention – not only preventing health decline but also in averting potentially risky conditions.

As you meticulously attend your first aid course, you become well aware of circumstances that have a high risk of particular mishaps and unfortunate incidents. This awareness can help you react correctly in real-life situations that might put you and others around you in danger. This will result in making you watchful for hazards in your surrounding whether you’re at home, in your workplace or any other place.

You can Provide Temporary Relief

Although after seeing a person in pain or injury, you’ll spontaneously rush to them, you cannot really help for their well-being and improve the situation. However, if you’ve taken first aid training, you’re capable of determining the correct steps to handle the patient’s pain, wounds or trauma. Simultaneously, this also helps you evaluate whether the situation is serious or not.

For example, if the person acquires superficial skin abrasions or similar minor wounds, you can apply simple solutions to eliminate the requirement of having to hospitalize the patient. As you’re experienced with first aid, you’ll know how to lightly press the wounded area and stop bleeding.

On the other hand, if the patient has undergone a major injury, you can administer temporary relief to reduce their suffering and prevent the situation from getting worse. By offering correct temporary relief can also help you recue the person’s recovery time. Then once the professional rescue team arrives, you can transmit the appropriate and detailed information about the patient’s condition, thus improving their chances of survival. This can prevent a permanent injury, or even worse, casualties. Thus, your first aid knowledge will help you relieve an individual and save their life before medical responders reach the location.

Taking a first aid course thus helps you feel confident and useful, and act like a life-saver. It also helps you academically, not only if you’re a medical student but also while studying other disciplines, because of the confidence it gives you. So, have you started looking for a first aid course?