3 Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Child’s Nursery Schooling

You’ve enrolled your little one to a nursery and are pretty happy that you’re free from at least some responsibilities. However, if you really want your child to benefit from the nursery, you can do so many things at home, so as to hone your child’s skills she learns at the nursery. Here are a few.

1. Assign Easy Tasks

Assigning tasks they can do easily develops confidence and a sense of capability in children. For example, you can tell them to water the garden or house plants in the morning or evening, or arrange her clothes in the closet, or make small pieces of bread or cheese (without using a knife) etc. You just have to make sure, he can do the task easily. This will add up to his confidence and sharpen his skills he learns at a nursery like one of Kindred Nurseries.

2. Don’t Make Abrupt Announcements

If your child is doing something and you want him to do something else after that, tell him so in advance and not abruptly. Abrupt announcements may confuse him and may keep him constantly under the pressure. Instead if he knows already that he has to do a different thing than what he’s doing right now, he gets enough time to finish whatever he’s doing and be prepared for the next task. For example, if your child is playing with her friend and you want her to finish playing at 7 pm and start doing her homework, tell her so at 6.30 pm, so that she’ll be prepared that she should finish the play in certain amount of time (though she may not understand the clock). On the other hand, if you notify her abruptly, she’ll remain under pressure every time that her parent would come anytime and tell her to do something else. So, don’t do that.

3. Turn Everything into a Game

When you tell your child a chore, he may be reluctant to do it. However, if you give tell him that it’s a game, he’ll happily do that. For example, you want her to put on her shoes on her own. She may not obey you if you tell her plainly to do so. But if you tell her that you and she would play shoe store and she has to buy her shoes and put them on, she’ll happily do that, and will find it fun, instead of a boring task.

With these simple tips, you can make the most of the nursery schooling of your child, and let her enjoy her education.