3 Important Tips to Follow before Starting to Learn Guitar

Wish to learn guitar but have no time? It’s not a big problem as you may think of it. Why don’t you start taking in-home guitar lessons?

Yes, at Rockstar Music, you can make your dream come true of learning guitar at the comfort of your own home. Rockstar music is a network of musicians, teachers and educators providing music lessons throughout the Greater Toronto Area. You don’t have to leave your home or change your current study program or work, but just have to add the music lessons in your schedule. Your lessons will be tailored by a Certified Rockstar Instructor to suit your skill level and aspirations. They also provide the necessary material for RCM Exams.

Let’s see what else you’ll need to do to start your guitar lessons.

1. Find the Right Place

Learning guitar or any music needs great concentration; so, you need to find a place in your home where you and your instructor won’t be disturbed or distracted by anything. Some major factors that come into play here are:


You have to think both ways i.e. will the space be too loud or will you be too loud for the space? Avoid spaces where volume would be a problem. Also, take care of not disturbing your neighbours or others who share the space. Also avoid places with an echo, e.g. wine cellars.

Comfort Level

You should also see to it that the space is comfortable enough for you and your instructor so that you two can sit comfortably, together with all the equipment. Thus there should be adequate space and temperature should be pleasant.

Foot Traffic

Your lessons should not be interrupted by people around. The best you can do is to tell your roommates or other family members not to disturb during your lessons.

Once you choose the space, keep it neat and tidy. You or your teacher won’t enjoy playing music in an environment where clothes or other things are lying around haphazardly. A clutter-free and clean area will let you and your teacher enjoy the lesson time.

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2. Prepare Your Equipment

You may wonder whether to buy a guitar or not, because it can be very expensive. Here Rockstar Music can help you by providing an affordable rental to take a few lessons before buying your own guitar. They can offer you to rent a practice guitar to let you get a feel for the instrument.

Also, think whether you want to have a music stand which you may need for lessons and also for practicing.

Also, inquire whether your teacher will bring an amp or do you have to have a second for your instructor. If you’re going to learn electric guitar, a working amp is necessary for you and your teacher. Also ensure your amp has distortion if it’s applicable to your lessons.

Make sure all your cables are working.

Think of how you will access backing tracks and music. Some of the best options are a phone, tablet or computer with the internet connection.

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3. Prepare Yourself

Just as preparing your equipment is important, it’s also important to prepare yourself for your lessons. This includes your body as well as your mind. Take the time all through the week to learn and practise whatever your instructor teaches you. You may also need to prepare yourself for constructive criticism during your lessons. This is an important component of learning guitar.

The more prepared you are, the more productive your lessons will be. Keep in mind that you should practise a lot. Also let your family know about the schedule of your lessons so that they will work around it.

So, are you ready to start learning your favorite instrument and enjoy music?

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