Excellent Ideas to Use while Sending out Medical School Graduation Announcements

Completing medical education is certainly a big achievement. Not only does it indicate that you are hardworking and have taken great efforts to complete it, but it’s also a sign of your high brilliance and sharp brains. It’s also indicative of your great future when you’ll practice as a doctor, and earn money and reputation in the society. All in all, it’s a moment to celebrate with friends and family. After all, you’ve finally got an opportunity to enjoy after keeping your nose in the books for that long. A graduation party is just right on this occasion.

It’s not all about partying and enjoyment though. You’re going to start a profession which is helpful for the community and everyone should know about it. Here’s where, medical school graduation announcements come into play. These announcements not only will let you inform your near and dear ones about your achievement, but also will inform those who you don’t speak to every day.

medical school graduation announcement

When it comes to graduation announcements, there are various styles of them among which you can choose depending upon your style preference and budget. Once you decide to send out these invitations, you may want to add a personal touch with wording reflecting your achievements, or even some graduation quotes. However, this can become overwhelming when you find so many styles of medical graduation announcements. Especially if you’re not quite well-versed with the etiquette to use in grad announcements, you may get confused. Here are a few useful tips.

What to Include in a Medical School Graduation Announcement?

Whether you have graduated with your medical degree, veterinary degree or high school diploma, the contents of graduations announcements don’t differ from each other a lot. To let your guests know who, what, where, when and why the event will be celebrated, make sure you include the following in your announcement:

  • Your full name
  • School name
  • Degree type
  • Class year
  • Honors
  • Year, date and time of the party
  • Location of the party
  • Other information such as dress code, gifts etc.

Once you include these details, the rest is up to you. You can decide if your announcement will be formal or informal, realistic or with an emotional touch, straightforward or affectionate, and formal or informal. You can also decide whether or not to include your photo.

medical school graduation announcement with photo


While personalizing medical graduation invitations or veterinary school graduation announcements, wording you use should indicate your accomplishments, personality and tastes. You may choose to add a graduation quote to the text for a meaningful personal touch to reflect this very special moment in your life. If you are known as a humorous person, you can add funny text to your announcements. Just remember to maintain the delicate balance between being funny and flamboyant.

Wording for a Formal Theme

If you choose a more formal theme, your wording should have a more serious tone. Explore your vocabulary bank, avoid slang and form sentences that will suit a formal text style that will spread this exciting news effectively. Don’t forget to add the details of the graduation party.

Wording for an Informal Theme

If you don’t want to go with the formal route, you can choose a more informal wording. However, it should not be overly casual. Most importantly, you should include the degree you earned.

veterinary school graduation announcement

No Party

If you want to throw a party only for your family and close friends and not for everyone, you can exclude the party information and include only your name, school name, degree you earned and honors in the announcements to be sent to others. This will let them know that you have become a doctor now.

So, have you already started planning your medical graduation party?