3 Practical Tips on How to Make Homework and Learning Fun

The new concept of ‘no homework at home’ is slowly getting rooted in modern times. But even if it hasn’t reached you, your kids and their school, why should you worry? Homework is just a revision of what kids learn at school and ideally should not be burdensome or fearsome. But the picture seen all over isn’t so pretty. Kids and their parents seem dreaded with the thought of homework. Can this be changed? Yes, definitely! Here are a few tips.

1. Remove the Fear

What’s the basic problem? Not only your kid, but even you are afraid of homework. This fear should be removed first if you want to make the process fun. Sources like Lido Learning are there to help you out. Sit quietly and think. Why are you so afraid of helping your child with her homework? It’s because if homework is not finished, her teacher is going to punish her of which she is afraid, and as she’s scared, you’re stressed too. But think – the teacher too might have her own worries. She has to handle 50-60 children at a time, just in your child’s class, plus she has other classes to look after. She too is a normal human being. She wants to get the work done somehow. An easy way to do this is to yell at children who don’t complete homework. However, the homework done with fear is not an effective way of learning. So, first you stop being afraid and then remove fear from your child’s mind. Tell her that the teacher wants her to learn and understand things, and so, the teacher yells or punishes her for her good. This way the child will look at things more positively and would be more interested in homework than before.


2. Create a Good Ambiance

Just like bedtime, the homework time should be pleasant for your kid. During bedtime, you cuddle him, tell him fun stories or sing a lullaby. So, good memories are created in your kid’s mind associated to bedtime. Homework time too should be associated to such good memories. Take a break or two in between, and tell him a fun story. If he wants to keep his favorite teddy beside him while doing homework, let him do that and let him cuddle it while studying. This way he will remove his mental block and will get refreshed. Even let him hop here and there for some time and come back revitalized. Let the atmosphere be free from any stress; let him realize that he’s not in any confinement, but is free, provided he studies.

How to Make Homework and Learning Fun

3. Should You Give Treats?

Well, it’s not essential and actually, should not be made a habit. In fact, when your child succeeds in solving a problem or answering a question, that in itself is a treat, because the child feels superior and doesn’t want anything else at such times. She can achieve this with the help of Lido classes. However, if there is something your child is extremely bored of and which has nothing new to learn, like writing a word 10 times or memorizing historic events by years, you can give her a small treat upon completion like a nice sticker, pen or new story book. But make sure, you don’t do this always so as to make the child remain interested just in the treat and not in the studies. Instead you can lure her with a promise of taking her to the park or beach the next day. But you must also remember to keep your promise, because if you don’t, she will never trust you and may even start disrespecting you. So, make promises that you can keep and not something overwhelming like we’ll go to Switzerland the next vacation or buy a BMW if you come first in your class this year, if it’s not possible for you financially or for some other reason.


For making homework and learning fun, your child should feel secure, pleasant and loved. You’ll have to totally avoid yelling, scolding and similar behaviors. Create a lovely environment around your kid and the homework and learning will become fun.