What You Should Carry and What You Shouldn’t on the ACT Test Day

You have studied hard all the time and today is the day of the actual ACT test. If you are worried about whether you have brought everything necessary for the day or not, don’t worry. You just have to bring a few items with you and remember the official rules of ACT.

Is the Testing Center Open?

You have to ensure this before the test day. It’s easy to do that. Sometimes due to undesirable situations such as power outages, bad weather etc. testing centers are kept close. To make sure you know what the situation would be, check the official ACT website and its “Rescheduled Test Centers” page so that you can get the most recent updates.

If your center will be open on the test day, you have to further check out things you should carry with you. This is also a part of your ACT test prep. You should remember that there are things you should or can carry with you and there are also things that you absolutely SHOULD NOT carry on the test day.

What You Should Take with You

Here are things you should absolutely carry with you:

  • Your printed ticket
  • An acceptable photo ID
  • Permitted calculator
  • Watch
  • Refreshments

Keep in mind to carry a printed copy of your admission ticket because without it, there will be a delay in your score release and you may not be even able to get in in the first place. If your ticket is misplaced, don’t worry. Go to your ACT web account and get another copy printed.

Regarding photo ID, you have two options:

  1. Current Official Photo ID: This must be a valid ID issued by either your high school or a government body, in a hard plastic card format.
  2. ACT Student Identification Form with Photo: If you are not having a photo ID in the above-mentioned format, you can bring a completed ACT Student Identification Form with a photo with you. The form can be downloaded from the ACT website and should be completed by either a public notary or school official, but not any relative.

What You Cannot Carry with You

Here are some of the items you are not allowed to carry with you on the exam day.

  • Textbooks, notes, dictionaries, scratch paper
  • Reading material
  • Correction tape/fluid, colored pencils or pens, highlight pens
  • Electronic devices except a permitted calculator
  • Tobacco in any form

So, you can see that there’s nothing complicated and you don’t need to be stressed up on the test day. Be relaxed and you can perform the best.