Top 4 Tips to Create a Quality Last-minute Essay for Submission

Everyone knows how busy students get during exam times. They become sleep-deprived, they are exhausted and it’s supposed to be normal. But is it really? Shouldn’t you have a life just because you’re a student?

So, now you’ve decided to have enough sleep, eat some healthy meals, start an exercise routine and devote a decent amount of time to study. But still the question remains – what about an essay? Well, you’ve a few options including:

  • You on your own have to write it. However, it’s quite possible that just when you need it, you cannot write a single word due to all the stress you are experiencing.
  • You can get an essay written by a good writing service. But you may not have money for that.
  • You can follow a few tips that will help you write a great essay and write the essay yourself.

Yes, the last option is possible and the tips have come from experts at a great writing service, Expert Writing Help! So, you can take a sigh of relief that you can do it. Here they are.

1. Throw Down that Stress

When you sit and try to write your most important college essay very fast without losing its quality, you just can’t do that – why? – because of stress! You are always doubtful that your essay won’t turn out well and you decide to write an essay of mediocre quality because you are sure that it’s the best thing you can do with the time you have at hand. But hold it – you’re wrong!

Just calm down, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Convince yourself that if you come out of the anxiety and let your brain work properly, you can write a high-quality essay. You may not believe, but this works. Just you have to achieve the first step – become stress-free! Keep in mind that when your mind is relaxed, it can think better and gets ideas it needs for what you want to do. So, please don’t skip this first step – it’s very essential!

2. Write Down All Your Ideas – Create an Outstanding Outline

You might have skipped this step many times; but do you know that most students tend to do that? And do you also know that this can be your biggest mistake? You may look at it as a waste of time, because it’s just a frame which your professors are not going to see and grade. This assumption is wrong.

Outline is very important because:

  • It will organize the chaos of thoughts in your mind
  • It will save you from forgetting a few best ideas that strike your mind initially when you start thinking on the topic

So, how should you do that?

  • Take your notebook and jot down whatever ideas that are coming to your mind
  • Don’t skip any of the ideas calling them silly
  • Next, observe the ideas and connect them to create a single frame. Don’t be proud of some ideas as you think they are awesome. You may also find some actually silly ones which you’ll have to remove. Focus on those which are really productive
  • Use online mind-mapping software and craft a clean mind map. Follow it while writing the paper

3. First Research, Then Write

Do you think you are ready to write now? Wait! The best essays can be created only with good research. Just because you are short of time, you can’t skip research. A repetitive paper filled solely with your vague unimpressive ideas can’t be appreciated by your professors.

But don’t be stressed. The research for a college essay doesn’t have to be lengthy. Follow these tips and it will not take more than 15 minutes:

  • Consider using Google Scholar rather than the regular Google. Google Scholar provides you with sources worth referencing only with your particular search term, whereas with the regular Google you’ll have to try different search terms and dig deep to find authoritative sources for which you don’t have time.
  • Don’t underestimate Wikipedia. It sometimes gives valuable information worth using in your essay. There is no need to reference to Wikipedia in your paper though. Wikipedia itself provides you the sources from where the information has been extracted and you can use that source as your authoritative reference.

4. Find an Intriguing Aspect of the Topic

There is no problem if the topic of the essay is interesting. But what if it isn’t? In that case, you may write it forcibly which may not make the essay really effective and interesting. Try to find the most interesting aspect of the topic – even the most boring topic has something interesting in it – you just have to find it.

Also, when everyone is writing about the same things and you write about something different, it’s definitely going to be interesting. For example, in an era when there is a lot of roar about global warming, how about writing about the opinions of scientists who don’t believe in global warming? However, you have to write about both the sides of the issue.

Some other points to be remembered are:

  • An amazing introduction is crucial. Write it in a way so as to create an interest in the reader to read further. Use quotes or real-life experiences, and write powerful sentences.
  • Give evidences and arguments that should prove the statement of the essay in the body.
  • End up with an outstanding conclusion. It should tie all the loose ends of the essay’s body together, repeat the thesis statement and end with again a powerful sentence. Your conclusion should leave a lasting impression on the reader.

With these tips, you’ll be able to create a quality last-minute essay for submission. Not only the essay will be created but it will tremendously increase your confidence. All the best!