Texila American University – High-quality Medical Education in the Unmatched Environment of the Caribbean

Are you dreaming of having medical education in the world’s best university that is student-centric and has an environment that can help the students grow in all aspects of life? Well, if you are wondering about whether there is really such a university, the good news is that there is!

Its name is Texila American University.

Texila American University offers medical education in the unmatched environment of a country in the Caribbean islands.

Caribbean – One of the Most Popular Destinations for Medical Education

Today Caribbean is one of the most popular medical education destinations and the reason is that the demand for doctors just cannot be fulfilled by US schools alone. However, it’s not just limited to that. Studying in the Caribbean has its own distinct advantages including the following:

  • Studying while being surrounded by like-minded people working towards the same goal on a Caribbean island away from home, leaving behind all your past commitments and eating, sleeping and breathing medical school is a life-changing experience for a lot of students.
  • Although students’ majority of time will be spent in studies, classroom and hospital, they get opportunities to join the local Caribbean culture and natural beauty. Students can mix with locals on account of local global health outreach and that’s a great experience.
  • Expansion of students’ comfort zone to involve people with totally different backgrounds is incredibly important for students as budding doctors.
  • The Caribbean offers a unique health environment which students cannot get in the US, Canada or anywhere else in the world.

Some of the most prominent features of Texila American University are:

Favorable Environment for Indian Students

The current batches of Texila American University have an increased number of Indian students that create an environment comfortable and familiar to other Indian students who wish to get education at such a reputable university. The fees of the university are incredibly affordable. Students have graduated and matched their residencies in USA. In India also students have cleared their screening exams conducted by Medical Council of India (MCI). The university has Indian offices in Bangalore and Coimbatore, so, the process of enrollment is even easier for Indian students.

Switching Track

If a student doesn’t get a US visa after choosing the US track, he can easily change the track for Guyana and have to pay only for the same which is in fact much lower.

Passing Proportion and Guarantee

Texila American University has a high percentage of MCI pass, a whopping 96%! Plus the university offers USMLE 1 pass guarantee.

So, what are you waiting for? Your dream of obtaining high-quality medical education abroad is about to come true! Go ahead and join the university!