Study Mile – Go the Extra Mile in Your Studies

The benefits of online education are many. From the convenience of attending the classes anytime you want to getting individual attention, online education offers a great deal of advantages and comfort. But some people try to go the extra mile to reap the benefit of online education to the maximum extent.

StudyMile is a group of people who have made such an effort and have created an online portal through which students can get a lot of benefits, more than a normal online course. Here are the unique features of StudyMile. All of them are 100% free!

Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom is a fantastic concept and will entice you if you are tired of having to waste a lot of time in driving or riding to meet your project group members or tutors at far-off distances only for a short time. Though Skype and Google Hangout can be used for communication, these tools have limitations which the virtual classroom by StudyMile doesn’t have. On the virtual classroom, you and your group can video conference, file share, desktop share, screen share, use touchscreen whiteboard and save whatever you’ve done in the virtual classroom directly to your computer. What’s more, during video conference, files from your computer can be uploaded to the classroom so that your group members can see them. Moreover, the classroom supports as many as 50 different languages; so, you can imagine how you can use it despite where you and your friends are and which language you find convenient for communication.


Whiteboard of StudyMile is touchscreen and offers a one on one communication with your tutor or fellow student. It’s also webcam and microphone compatible to enhance the experience even more. The most enchanting part is that its desktop version works well with the app version. This means that if you are using it on your desktop, you will face no problem in communicating with your tutor or friend even if s/he is using it on her/his mobile phone. The whiteboard feature too allows you to save your work as PNG files or upload your files from your computer.

Social Learning

StudyMile is an excellent tool for learning together. You can find new friends and the best tutors through this tool, and enhance your learning with others’ experiences and thoughts.

Economical Learning

If you have been tired of paying huge amounts to your tutors, StudyMile is an excellent tool for you to find tutors with the rates you want. Find a tutor from their database that will charge just the amount you would like to pay and learn comfortably. Payment transactions are handled efficiently by StudyMile.

So, are you excited enough to find something you ever wanted? What are you waiting for? Join and go the extra mile in your studies.