Solomon Admissions Consulting – An Assurance of Getting Admission to a Perfect Medical School

When you are planning to study medicines, your biggest concern is that whether you will get admission to a medical school you want or not. In such a condition, you can take help of a medical school admission consultant. They can improve your overall chances of admission, review your academic as well as extra-curricular profile and your work experience, advise you on which medical school you should choose and apply to, plan and optimize your personal statement, help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, help you in improving your skills and help your parents too.

Solomon Admissions Consulting

Solomon Admissions Consulting is specialized in helping students to get admissions to the best medical schools. There are many reasons why you should choose them for your medical school admission.

First off, they have consultants who are either doctors themselves or are medical school students who are personally experienced in the application process and being accepted by some of the best medical schools.

Secondly, these consultants provide you advice individually on each and every aspect of your application for the medical school admission.

Solomon Admissions Consulting help in application

Increase Your Chances of Getting into a Medical School

Here are a few tips shared by Solomon Admissions Consulting experts on how to increase your odds of getting enrolled to a medical school.

Work with an Advisor

A pre-health advisor can be a lot of help to you in getting a wealth of information on timeline for applying to a medical school, which courses you should take for a medical school and in which order. Your advisor can also help you in gaining medical experience, lab experience and internships.

Get Some Medical Experience

Your resume can certainly look impressive if it includes some medical experience. You can work under a physician or with a hospital to file X-rays etc.

Participate in Research Projects

If you do this, you will get some hands-on knowledge of science. If you look around, you’ll get ample opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research projects.

Attend Career Fairs

Career fairs are one of the best sources to get information of schools, programs and admission requirements in one place. Visiting every school on your list may be time-consuming and expensive. It’s a lot better idea to attend a career fair instead so that you can narrow down the selection of medical schools more easily and affordably.

How can Solomon Admissions Consulting Help?

Help to Strategic Positioning and Selection of a Perfect School

Your application to enroll to a medical school should ideally be a compelling narrative for the reader about your reasons to pursue a career in medicines; however, it’s commonly observed that students often make this application a chaos of contradicting information. The consultants at Solomon Admissions Consulting firstly help you in formulating your application properly and secondly suggest you schools after analyzing your candidacy to match your career goals.

Assistance in Formulating Secondary Application and Personal Statement

The process of secondary application is rather tough. As you have to apply to multiple schools, you will have to prepare various essays. The consultants at Solomon Admissions Consulting being previously gone through the process are just perfect to navigate you through it and they will be with you from start to finish. They will help you in formulating exceptional secondary essays.

Solomon Admissions Consulting help in application

Another unique component of the application process is the personal statement which tests your creativity. As several students don’t know exactly what to include in it, they can make it a total blunder. Solomon Admissions Consulting experts are there to help you here too. They will help you make your personal statement compelling.

Plus these consultants will help you in interview preparation, AMCAS application and letters of recommendation, and will provide you insider information about the preferences of medical schools and extracurricular activities.

All in all, if you want to get an assurance about your admission to a medical school, you should take help of Solomon Admissions Consulting, and you won’t have to worry about your admissions.