Point University – Education Gained from a Christian Perspective

A four-year, private liberal arts institution, Point University was founded back in 1937. It’s goal is to educate students to influence society for Christ in every possible sphere of life. If you’re interested in a broad, comprehensive curriculum created to prepare you for your chosen profession, no matter how old you are, Point University is certainly worth considering.

Point University offers an Associate of Arts Degree and Bachelor of Science Degree for both online and access students in the following fields: B.S./A.A. in Business Administration, B.S./A.A. in Child Development, B.S./.A. in Criminal Justice, B.S./A.A. in General Studies, A.A. in Human Relations, B.S./A.A. in Organizational Leadership, and a B.S./A.A. in Psychology. For more info: http://discover.point.edu/academics/.

The main campus of Point University is in West Point, Georgia, but there are five more locations in addition to it: Atlanta, GA; Peachtree City, GA; Savannah, GA, McDonough, GA and Birmingham, AL. At Point University, it’s recognized that people have many roles and responsibilities in their lives, so that their time for educating is rather limited. For that reason, they have organized online program with the goal to provide high-quality courses that integrate learning in a modern, non-traditional format and faith. E-learning programs have been designed for working students, as well as for those who live faraway from campus locations.

What I like the most about Point University is the fact that it welcomes older students and motivates them to head back to school. If you’re regretting something you have or haven’t done, but still you think you’re too old to go back to college, think again. Visit Point University and I’m sure you’ll be inspired to change your life, in a good, a Christ-oriented way.