International Schools and Education in China – Things You Should Know

If you are from a Western country and are planning to move to China and are wondering how your children can get good education in China, you need not worry at all because China has some of the best education options.

And whether you are an expat or a Chinese working in a British international business in China for example, you will get very good education options for your children which will be clear to you from the following information.

Range of International Schools in China

China’s Ministry of Education allows four different types of international schools:

  1. SCFW or Schools for Children of Foreign Workers, colloquially called ‘expat schools’, offer international education for the expat community but are also accessible to the children from Chinese families carrying a foreign passport, and ethnic Chinese students relocated from other Asian countries. They are not permitted to enroll as Chinese nationals.
  2. Another type is Sino-foreign cooperative schools which are joint ventures of a foreign education school or company and a Chinese owner. These are limited only to secondary and higher education. The alliance is usually that the Chinese partner provides financial investment and land, while the foreign school or company provides teaching. Both Chinese and expatriate students can learn in this type of school.
  3. Still another type is private schools owned by Chinese persons. These can offer bilingual learning. This type of Chinese/English private schools is emerging in an increasing number in China and many of them provide internationally acclaimed exams and diplomas. However, they mostly cater Chinese students.
  4. And the last type is public or state schools owned by Chinese people which have now started an international stream as an alternative for high school students.

Chinese Children’s International Education

Schools in China that are accessible to local children are now undergoing the maximum growth. But this development includes plenty of UK independent schools too. The schools for local children are aimed at making their kids know who they are and remain Chinese at their core, but they should also gain knowledge with a global perspective and become fully prepared to learn in a Western university. The opinion of the owners of these schools is that if the children should get several options of world-class universities and if they should survive, thrive and become successful there, they should start learning and talking English as soon as possible.

Recent Developments

Expatriates should rejoice that many international schools are coming up in China that cater hundreds of students and offer prestigious diplomas and courses.

Thus, whether you are a Westerner or Chinese, you have plenty of schooling options for you children in China and you can see your children being prepared to get educated on a world-class level.