Incredible Benefits of Home Learning

With the advent of computer and internet, popularity of home learning has grown tremendously. However, some old-school people are scared of enrolling for it. It is natural that we are afraid of getting scammed; but if you know how beneficial home learning is for your development, you can certainly consider trying it. Here are some key benefits of home learning.

Study Whenever, Wherever You Want

The first and foremost benefit of home learning is you can access it whenever you want, wherever you want, regardless of whether it’s midnight or early morning hours, or you are at home or in an airplane. You don’t have to rush towards your school or college, on the stipulated time. Just switch on your PC, laptop or smartphone and you can learn the lessons. Another advantage of this is you don’t miss any class if you don’t attend a session on a particular day. You can still get it the next day. This is far more convenient and relaxing for a student who is working or busy in some other activities, than to learn in a school or a college.

No Need of Formal Dressing

If you are in your home, you can attend your class in any dress! No need to wear formal clothes suitable to an educational institute. You can sit before your computer in the clothes you wear in home, without combing hair or shaving! Of course, this is an advantage for lazy people like me 😀

Complete Understanding of Subject

Next biggest advantage of home learning is if you don’t understand a word or a part of the lecturer’s speech, you can listen to it again and again till you understand it. And even if you don’t understand it after that, you can live chat or communicate through some other means like email or phone with your teacher to get it understood.

We Learn the Best at Home

A study done by Paula Rothermel has revealed that Small children learn more at home than at school. The study showed that in the national literacy project evaluations, 80.4% of children who had got home education were at the same level in their academic progress as the top 16% of children who had got school education.

Nothing to Divert Our Attention

The above finding is logical if we think upon it keenly. When we attend a classroom in a school or college we are more conscious about many things other than studies, e.g. about our dressing, our looks, others’ looks and fashions, and more. We are also under the stress of making mistakes publicly and being ridiculed. All this can divert our attention from the studies, though our grasping power is not so bad. On the other hand, when we study in home, there is nothing to divert us and mainly, we are totally free from stress. So, we can give our 100% attention to studies and learn more than in a school.

Be Social on a Global Level!

Some people may argue that we cannot get social while studying alone at home. But this also isn’t true. In fact, while learning online, we can make countless friends, that too from all over the world!

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