Importance of Printed Materials in Education

This is the time of online education. Online education is beneficial and convenient in many points of view, such as freedom from a specific timeframe, individual attention to students and convenience of attending classrooms even if a student misses a particular lecture. Will this demolish printed books and other teaching materials? Certainly not! While online education is advantageous, printed educational material is equally important. Why? Let’s see.

Easy and Instant Access

A printed book or other materials are always at hand whenever you want to refer to them. Moreover you can view the full page at a time, unlike an eBook which you have to scroll up or down to see a particular part of text.

Feel and Smell of Books

Many of us love the smell and feel of printed books! To hold a book in hand is nice and its smell is even nicer. This gives children an involvement in learning. Learning through a gadget like a PC or a smartphone or tablet doesn’t create a nearness and attachment like this. Though they are extremely effective tools, they can’t create a nostalgic feeling in student’s mind, being smell-less!

Enjoyment of Learning through Charts

Children enjoy sitting in a classroom with their fellow students and learning through colorful educational charts which introduce them to flowers, fruits, letters, colors and more. This creates an enjoyment of the learning environment in their minds which is closely associated to remembering what they learn. In short, they can easily recall what they have learned when it is learned in such a learning environment.

Bringing Students and Teachers Together

The personal touch is maintained when teaching is done through printed materials. Students come together and they also come close to their teachers only when teachers teach them using printed materials. On the other hand, teachers and students don’t ‘meet’ when they teach and learn online.

All in all, online education should be continued and progressed, but learning through printed materials should be maintained to maintain the human interaction and attachment, essential things for proper development of personality.

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