Great Involvement of Technology in Education

Education is undoubtedly a way to progress. But what if education itself should be progressive? Yes, we are talking about technology involved in teaching. When teachers take the help of technology for teaching, students can get a deeper understanding of the subject. Today a wide range of technological tools are available which can aid teaching, both to the benefit of teachers for explaining a subject and students for learning. You can get the latest information of these tools on a fantastic edtech resource website like It’s indeed interesting to see how technology can help you in education.

Online Collaboration Tools

Because of these tools, teachers and students can exchange documents online, edit them and project them on a screen. A collaborative platform is thus made available to students to come up with ideas and present their work with text and images. A wonderful example of this is Google Docs.

Presentation Software

Software with which instructors (or teachers) can display the presentation of a subject or a lesson is an extremely powerful way of explaining the subject. A PowerPoint presentation for example, in which you can include lots of diagrams, photos, videos, charts, graphs, etc is much more effective than explaining the subject on a blackboard or whiteboard. Moreover it’s less time-consuming too because it can create the text, photos, diagrams, charts etc within seconds, while it takes a lot of time when you write or draw these things manually.


Tablet is a wonderful technology that can be connected to projectors, computers and cloud, and then teachers and students can communicate and discuss over diagrams, drawings, text etc.

Course Management Tools

With course management tools, teachers can arrange all the resources for students such as syllabi, readings, assignments, etc. and create time spaces when s/he can discuss with them, and share audio and video files.

Smartphones and Clickers

Smartphones and Clickers are fast and simple ways to survey students. So, a teacher can find out students’ understanding quickly, and can adjust her/his pace of teaching and content accordingly.

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