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Gone are the days when students were frustrated sometimes upon not getting the accurate answers to some questions during their homework and studies. Internet has provided a powerful tool to everyone in every field of life including education and those who are insightful enough to identify its potential have exploited it to an optimum level. has been formed by such insightful individuals to help students from across the world with the help of internet.

What is is based in New York and is operating since 2005 to help students from colleges and universities located anywhere in the world. If you are finding it tough to understand a subject or are not finding the answer to a question in your homework or have come across any difficulty during your studies, you can get help from them. They are unique because they focus on college-level tutoring and their tutors have advanced degrees in their respective subjects.

How does Work?

Two types of services are offered by

  1. Help in homework in which they help students in finding original and detailed solutions in writing to practically any type of homework problem.
  2. Online tutoring which is a live help where highly qualified professional tutors offer tutoring to students on their high-tech whiteboard platform.


The objective of is to help students actually “learn” what they are studying and not just passing exams and bypassing the process of education. They interact with students as expected from any good teacher, by rendering them the skills and concepts required to master a subject, and then leading them through the steps towards a solution. In this process, students are forced to learn, regardless of the fact that they arrive at their website for that purpose or not. Thus perform the duty of teachers and not enablers, which they are proud of.

While they offer help for academic difficulties, they also specialize in advanced academic work in science, math and computers and have hand-picked their tutors so as to provide students with complete knowledge of these subjects.


There are tremendous benefits of online help in homework:

  • The most prominent benefit is convenience which comes with the 24/7 availability of the service. So, you can submit your query anytime you want as permitted by your schedule and from anywhere in the world.
  • You are allowed to learn at your own pace without having to keep up with other students unlike a typical classroom. This eliminates the stress and inferiority complex that often disturb the student in a classroom. Eventually, you better understand the subject and excel in grades.
  • You can practice as often as you want till you master the materials. You also get help in finding various supplemental materials from your tutors and your learning experience becomes enjoyable.
  • This is an extremely cost-effective learning process which is very important considering today’s high expenses associated with studies.

How can You Start?

You can start by simply creating an account with which is a matter of half a minute. After your registration is complete, you can Submit Your Material or Request A Live Session by clicking on the respective field. And you will get the help you need. You can submit your query at any time of the day – the service is available 24/7.

Are Questions Answered Quickly?

The response time on is four hours. If you want answers quicker than that you can contact them through phone call, email or chat message and they try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.


You can browse through the extensive list of tutors of where you can view the profile of each tutor, which contains her/his qualification, which subject/s s/he specializes in and offers tutoring in, her/his experience, how many queries s/he has completed and the feedback s/he has received. So, you can easily decide whether s/he is perfectly suited for what you want help in.

Top Tutors: They also select Top Tutors for every month, which too you can go through to get your desired tutor.

Tutors: You will get live one-on-one online teaching sessions by the tutors to help you in getting a better knowledge of the subject you want.

Homework Specialist: Homework specialists review the assignments submitted by students and provide them the necessary help, guidance and feedback.

College Homework Library

College Homework Library of is an extensive database of homework problems with their solutions which you can purchase. The library is ever-growing, so you should keep checking it periodically. Thus getting answer to your problem is super easy; just enter your question in the search window or click on the subject in which you want to ask the query. If you get the answer (solution), click on it for more information and you can buy it.

Which Subjects can You Ask Questions On?

The list of subjects is quite extensive and there are common subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Art and Mathematics, along with off-beat subjects too like Public Speaking, Writing, Theater and Religion.

Free Math SAT Prep Program has a very helpful FREE Math SAT preparation program and practice questions which you can take the benefit of. There are questions on functions, fractions, proportions, direct and inverse relationships, tables and charts, lines and slopes, variables, angles, triangles and circles, and more. So, you can prepare for your SAT exam totally for free!


The pricing system of is easy to understand and fair. It’s decided either on the time your tutors think it will take them to complete the work you have asked for your homework help or the length of the whiteboard session, and you will get a quote depending on either of these. You can then decide to continue or not. You can also discuss the pricing with your tutors after receiving the quote.

Do You Want to Become a Tutor?

If you are looking forward to making a career in teaching, you have an excellent opportunity to become a tutor on Visit their Tutor Application Center and become a dependable and competent tutor or homework specialist. You can work part time or full time, from wherever you want and as much as you want! is thus a revolutionary teaching service from which every student can be benefited wherever s/he is located in the world. So, don’t miss this chance to get better education and rise up in your life!