Excellent Education Options in China

The market of international schools in China is segmented and local Chinese children whose families wish that their children should study in these schools have severe restrictions enforced on them. Still, Chinese families are increasingly becoming in favor of Western education style that is offered in English language and hence various types of international schools are coming up to meet the needs of these students.

Expatriate families who are planning to relocate to China should be aware of all this process. Here’s some useful information for them.

Various Alternatives

The trend of international schooling in China is comparatively new. ISC Research keeps a track of developments in the international school market in the world. Their latest data has identified 566 international English-medium schools in China with most of them located in Tier 1 cities, i.e. 25% in Beijing and 20% in Shanghai, and several others located in provincial capitals like Chengdu, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. However, not all these are for expatriates.

According to ISC Research’s report, due to the aspirations of Chinese families for internationally oriented English-medium education, a new segment of international schools is emerging including ones that involve partnerships of foreign schools with Chinese owners, and bilingual schools having an international way of learning and teaching.

China is growing both in population as well as, as a global leader and so, there is an increase in the need of learning Chinese language and understanding Chinese culture. Therefore international schools in China are offering education that incorporates both Chinese and Western academic and cultural understanding, to offer students a well-rounded education.

Thus a British International School in China teaches both Chinese and English, with equal emphasis on both the languages and supports well-being of students and their families. Class sizes are kept small and teacher-to-student ratio high to facilitate optimal teacher-student communication.

Expansion of International Education in China

Recent years are seeing significant development of international school market in China with many UK schools making their mark. For example, Wellington College is a fine example of a UK school gaining high success in China.

Apart from the UK independent schools, several other international schools exist in China for families relocating to the country. They offer local education to the children of foreign diplomats.

As per the data of ISC Research, the number of international schools in Shanghai has increased by 39% from May 2010 to May 2014. All these schools are at present have about 69,000 students.

Knowing about these facts, you can take a sigh of relief that your children can get excellent education in China. So, give up all your worries and prepare happily for your move to China.