Early Learning Centre – An Enjoyable Process of Learning for Children as well as Parents

Do you always or most of the times feel stressed up while keeping with your children’s school timings? Due to the morning hassle when you are so busy in trying for reaching your office on time, it might happen often that your children may miss the exact school timings and that stresses up them as well as you. Same is the case when you have to pick them up after school. Due to extra office work or traffic, you may reach school late while they have to wait for you longer with depresses faces!

Not anymore! Here’s an amazing school concept which offers flexibility of timings and you can enter the school premises anytime between morning 7:30 and evening 6! What’s more, you can even choose the number of days when your children will attend the school which are from 2 to 5 days during the week. Isn’t it amazing? This will certainly relieve your stress a lot while ensuring that your children are getting world-class education and care.

This is the Early Learning Centre Program by St John’s Grammar School. They provide Montessori-based education programs for 3 and 4 year old children. Their aim is to let every child thrive in a rich learning environment that can inspire curiosity, creativity and a passion for exploration.

Hosted by psychologist Jodie Benveniste and located in a lovely bushland setting in Adelaide offering the stunning view of the city and coastline, the ELC is keen in offering their students peaceful natural environment where there are charming koalas, geckos, parrots and kookaburras.

Early Learning Centre premise

Benefits of Natural Environment

Unfortunately, today families hardly get time to connect with the nature. Families also tend to eat more high-calorie, processed foods and children rarely love to play in open natural environment. This leads to childhood obesity and detachment from parents and siblings. Surprisingly the consequences are not limited to this. Such children also show poor academic progress. Parents always wish the best for their children and want their children to be in the best health – physical, mental and cognitive. But when kids start showing poor performance, parents just can’t understand what’s happening. They wonder what wrong they are doing as their kids are poor academically despite they are providing them every comfort.

This is because we are going away from the nature. Here are some prominent benefits of learning into natural environment.

Early Learning Centre premise

Multiple Development Domains

Nature brings about development in children in every major aspect – physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually

Promotes Creativity and Problem-solving

Studies done on children in schoolyards show that children get interested more in creative forms of play in green spaces. Even an increased amount of cooperation is seen in their play. Playing in nature is particularly important for developing creativity, intellect and problem-solving.

Early Learning Centre premise

Cognitive Development

Vicinity to, views of and everyday exposure to natural settings has been proven to increase children’s cognitive abilities.

Improved Eyesight

Prolonged time spent outdoors is associated to less incidences of nearsightedness (myopia) in children and adolescents.

Early Learning Centre premise

Improved Academic Performance

Studies show that schools like ELC that use outdoor classrooms and other nature-based forms of education see significant progress in their students in subjects like arts, maths, social sciences and languages.

Improved Social Relations

Being in the company of nature makes children better able to get along with others, happier and healthier and overall improved socially.

In the pictures in this article and on their website, you can see children studying at Early Learning Centre are so near the nature and so happy and healthy.

Early Learning Centre premise

Benefits of Play while Learning

Another thing in which ELC is keen is learning through play. This too can be noticed in the pictures. Here are some prominent benefits of learning through play.

Play Improves Communication

Play promotes the skills of speech, language and listening in children because children talk and listen a lot during play. On the other hand, in a classroom they rarely get a chance to talk because they are supposed to pay all the attention to the teacher. Even playing singly, a child talks to herself/himself and this improves language skills, while during a play with a companion, they get a chance to hear other children too and an improvement takes place in vocabulary, diction and more.

Early Learning Centre students learning through play

Play Improves Cognitive Skills

Pretend play has a great way of interacting with others. Studies have found more evidences supporting the relation between high-quality pretend play and cognitive skills. If deprived from play, children’s long-term abilities related to social skills, problem solving and academic subjects are greatly reduced.

Play Promotes Building of Relationships

Play greatly helps to encourage social skill development. Children who play with their parents and peers learn better how to develop relationships and how they work. As play gets more importance in a child’s life, the number and quality of friendship also increases in her/his life.

Some people don’t think that social skills are important. But the fact is that social skills are very important for language development. Language is much more than just spoken words!

Early Learning Centre students learning through play

At ELC, an emphasis is given on letting children play and learn in the company of beautiful natural settings, so that they develop in all aspects and become healthy, happy adults in the future who are bound to get success academically, economically and socially.


A remarkable feature of ELC can be seen in their students’ uniform which is designed to be comfortable and warm. They give so much of thought to this simple matter and include clothing like t-shirts, shorts, rugby tops and tracksuits too in their uniform so that children can feel comfortable all the time.

Early Learning Centre student

Guidance to Parents

ELC also gives importance to parents’ role in children’s development and so, they have created the Learn Early series which contains answers to common questions and information that can guide you on how to raise children ideally while countering challenges of parenthood powerfully and enjoying the entire process.

All in all, Early Learning Centre is a school that today’s parents will find ideal for their children as well as for themselves because not only their children will enjoy learning there, but also they will enjoy parenting!