Crib to Whiz Playschool – Guarantee of Making Children Outstanding Grownups

The idea of a playschool is an important breakthrough in children’s education. It’s based on the fact that a child’s brain is the most receptive in the early years and can learn whatever s/he is taught making her/him an extremely talented, informed and creative individual as a grownup. A playschool does the job of teaching children a lot of things during those most receptive years and making them mingle with other children so as to bring about their social and mental development too along with academic progress.

In such a case, when a playschool goes an extra mile and does something outstanding to provide the children something more than others, the parents get the satisfaction that they have found just the right school for their children. We are talking about Crib to Whiz Playschool, a playschool with a difference where children get extra fun, extra education, extra safety and extra care.

pre-nursery at Crib to Whiz Playschool

Crib to Whiz Playschool located in Durgapur, West Bengal, India, offers education and playtime to children in various age groups through their range of learning programs. Their programs include:

Toddlers (from 1.5 years to 2.5 years)

Based on the fact that toddlers use all five senses to their fullest to explore everything around them, the Toddlers program of Crib to Whiz Playschool encourages children to explore things through indoor as well as outdoor play with toys appropriate to this age group.

Pre Nursery (from 2.5 years to 3.5 years)

At this stage, children are introduced to actual learning academic topics which they will have to do in their coming years. But this is done in an enjoyable way so that children won’t find it burdensome and find learning fun.

Nursery (from 3.5 years to 4.5 years)

Crib to Whiz Playschool introduces technology at this stage in learning to make it even more fun. At this stage, they use various sensory aids and technology through the use of a tablet so as to make children enjoy learning.

Kindergarten (from 4.5 years to 5.5 years)

The Kindergarten program is designed to make children well-prepared for their further education in a formal school so that they can achieve a great success there.

nursery at Crib to Whiz Playschool

Prominent Features

Emphasis on English

English is a global language of today and a lot of information and education is available in this language. Obviously a person who is proficient in English can access the fathomless ocean of knowledge. Therefore, Crib to Whiz Playschool gives emphasis on learning English, especially spoken, by encouraging speaking English only while being on the premises.


Identifying the importance of technology in today’s age, Crib to Whiz Playschool is keen in involving technology in children’s development. This is done by:

  • Offering engaging applications that augment outdoor activities and help children develop a better eye-hand coordination which they need while writing and drawing by visually following an object on the screen and participating actively in the activity presented by the application
  • Researching ways to enhance the connection between both lobes of cerebrum as well as cerebellum to optimize brain function all through the life
  • Giving toddlers and children the best odds for learning, developing social connectivity and laying neural groundwork

To help children become ready for school, Crib to Whiz Playschool offers several computer programs to increase children’s skill in Math and Reading.

They also offer various interactive games and apps to children to encourage their problem-solving skills and bringing about cognitive development.

They also create several apps and computer programs that encourage children to complete tasks when they can unlock the next level. This promotes their interest in facing and overcoming challenges in the outside world.

Involvement of the internet and technology in education has been proven to enhance intrinsic motivation and interest in playschool work, and remarkably higher positive outlook towards school than traditional learning environments. Therefore Crib to Whiz Playschool is keen in involving technology in the development of their children.

technology in Crib to Whiz Playschool


Parents who are uncomfortable to keep their children away from them for a prolonged period are assured by Crib to Whiz Playschool by giving great importance to children’s safety and well-being, and taking the following measures for the same.

CCTV Recording: The entire campus of the school is monitored through CCTV cameras and recordings are archived for up to 30 days. This assures parents about 100% transparency in the school operations and any other concern.

A Picture A Day: Every day the children’s activities are captured in photos and are sent to parents to assure them about their little ones’ safety and happiness.

ID Cards for Parents: Parents are provided ID cards to ensure that the children are picked up only by person/s who is eligible to do so.

All in all, Crib to Whiz Playschool is an exceptional school which guarantees parents that their children will become outstanding grownups that they will feel proud of. Take a look at their Facebook page too.