8 Distinct Benefits of Private Tuition for You and Your Child

The idea of private tuition is quite old. Today taking private tuition has become a huge industry. But still, parents usually are seen to think of the idea as just an extra expense besides school expense. However, they are seen to essentially make use of private tuition for their children. Why? This is because they want to utilize every single resource possible for their children. If your child is struggling to keep pace with the school work or her/his marks are constantly drooping for some period, getting high quality private tutors may be the only solution to the problem. On the other hand, if your child is making a good progress, private tuitions can help her/him in excelling further. Here are some distinct benefits of private tutoring.

1. Personal Attention

A school classroom is big and has a variety of students. There are bright students as well as not-so-bright and dull students too. Generally it is seen that bright students become the favorite of teachers and occupy the front benches and other students are pushed back in the classroom. These pushed back students don’t get personal attention from teachers. Teachers don’t do it deliberately; they also have to complete the portion of studies in stipulated time. In such a condition, these students remain confused about some subjects and lose confidence. Moreover if these students are shy, they don’t even dare to ask teachers their difficulties. In private tuitions, however a good tutor can help a student to open up and ask difficulties if s/he doesn’t understand a part of the studies. This removes the confusion from the students’ minds and they start making progress.

2. Positive Environment

When students get a one-to-one tutoring in the form of private tuitions, they are more focused on the studies, unlike a school classroom where there are many things to divert their attention. The feeling that they are being attended individually is also satisfying and further encourages them to study the subjects with an interest and try to understand them, instead of getting engaged in other things. Also, private tuitions are mostly conducted in a closed room of the student’s home which has another positive effect of safety and freedom. All these factors contribute to create a positive environment which helps in the progress of the student.

3. Increases Confidence of Students

Remember your childhood? When you had not understood a part of what you were studying, you used to be always in confusion though you might understand other subjects. Imagine your child hasn’t understood a particular subject. That affects other subjects too and s/he remains overall in confusion. Private tuitions help her/him in understanding subject which acts like lighting a room with bright light and removes all the confusion. This naturally increases the confidence of the child and s/he studies other subjects too with increased enthusiasm.

4. Freedom of Choosing the Teacher

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of private tuitions. In a school, you or your child has no freedom of choosing a teacher of your liking. This does not mean that the teachers are bad. Children have their own thinking and may like someone and may not like someone else. It is not the fault of that person. It is the effect of personality that should match. During schooling it is generally seen that while a few students do well in studies, a large number of them perform poorly. This is because of the personality clash which affects negatively on their studies. However, in case of private tuitions you can interview the teachers and choose one that will be the most appropriate for your child. For example, Genesis Tutors is a place where you can search a proper tutor for your child with their huge database of highly qualified tutors and you can ensure that the tutor’s personality matches well with your child’s. This makes sure that your child will be happy while learning from the tutor and make progress in studies.

5. Identify Problem Areas and Work on Them

During private tuitions, problem areas of the student can be easily identified by the tutor and s/he can work more upon them. This hardly happens in a school classroom where a teacher has to attend a lot of students. This means that even the student is not able to divulge or identify her/his problem areas, the teacher can find them out easily and correct them. Similarly the teacher can also identify the strengths of the student and can bring it to the notice of the student upon which the child can get an encouragement and work more enthusiastically on that subject. Who knows, that very subject is her/his potential career and s/he can do well in it.

6. Open Up to Ask Difficulties

In a school classroom, children are often scared of being ridiculed by other students and even sometimes by the teachers upon asking questions. This cannot be the case with private tuitions because this is a very intimate, cozy and comfortable space for the students where there is no one to ridicule her/him if s/he asks any silly question to her/his teacher. The tutor can explain things to her/him lovingly and without being annoyed. And so, children feel more free with their tutor than in school.

7. Improvement in Performance

Obviously when the child starts understanding many subjects, even of those subjects with which s/he was not comfortable earlier, her/his performance in tests starts improving. And whatever, one may say about exams, children feel happy and confident when they get higher grades. This is an encouragement for them and they can feel proud of themselves and also confident that they can do well in exams, which was not the case earlier.

8. One-to-one Constant Feedback

Parents can get feedback of the progress of their child from a private tutor which is not possible with school teachers. As private tuitions are generally conducted in home, parents can meet the teacher regularly and find how their child is doing. In case of a school, on the other hand, parents can’t usually approach teachers every now and then to know this. This is a great peace of mind for the parents because they come to know about their child’s progress or weakness regularly and can offer help on their level and they can also see the improving grades of their children and get a satisfaction that their choice of teacher is correct.

So, if you have not yet found a private tutor for your child, get a good one and see your child progressing.