6 Important Steps of Learning Phonics You Should Know

If you wish that your child should be highly educated, you may also wish that he should be well-versed in English language. And why not? English is today’s global language and your child can acquire a lot of knowledge if she is good in English.

Therefore most children English classes in Singapore are emphasising on cultivating the habit of speaking good English and pronouncing the words correctly through phonics. As you might know that phonics is a technique of teaching children to read by connecting to sounds (phonemes) and symbols that signify them (graphemes or letter groups).

Steps of Learning English through Phonics

1. Decoding

The first step in learning phonics is to learn sounds of letters in Reception. This involves understanding what sound a word begins with, uttering the sound out loud and then identifying how that sound is signified by a letter.

The purpose is to enable children to see a letter and utter the sound it signifies out loud. This process is known as decoding.

2. Blending

Next step is to make children able to progress from uttering the individual sounds of every letter towards blending the sounds and utter the entire word. This may take time and may be a large step for several children.

While kids learn to utter the sounds of letters out loud, they’ll also start learning to write those letters (encoding). They learn where they are required to begin with each letter and how letters need to be brought together in connection with one another. Letters signifying phonemes are known as graphemes.

3. Decoding CVC Words

Next, kids will have to focus on decoding (reading) three-letter words with consonant, vowel, consonant arrangement (CVC words) for some time. Sounds of other letters are also taught to them, such as consonants, b, d, h, g and other vowels, e, o and u. usually they are handed letter cards to assemble to form CVC words and then they will be asked to utter them out loud.

4. Decoding Clusters of Consonants in CVCC and CCVC Words

Here kids learn about clusters of consonants, i.e. two consonants together in one word like cr, tr, lk, st, pl, etc. They will learn to read an array of CCVC (consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant) words like stop, trap and plan, and also CVCC (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant) words, like cart, fast, milk etc.

5. Vowel Digraphs

Next vowel digraphs are introduced to children. A digraph is two vowels making one sound, e.g. oa, ee, oo, ai, etc.

6. Consonant Digraphs

Next consonant digraphs (two consonants together making one sound) are taught to kids like ch and sh, and blend these with other sounds to form words like shop, chain, chat and shout.