6 Great Tips to Choose a Career of Online English Teacher

If you have a flair for teaching and you are good at a subject like English, online tutoring is a very good option available today which you should consider. If you find it complicated, the good news is that it isn’t so, and you can easily get established once you start. Here are a few tips.

1. Choose Your Option

If you want to teach English online, you have three options:

  1. Find a job
  2. Freelance
  3. Work independently

Well, if you choose the first option, you can get all the guidance by your employer. You need tips however for the 2nd and 3rd options. If you do a little search on Google, you can get many platforms from where you can start working. It’s not always necessary to have teaching experience to be able to start working.

However, you should remember that you’ll get a lot of competition as there are so many online English teachers. Thus, if you want to promote yourself, make sure to stand out.

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2. Standing Out

First off, make it very clear how your students would benefit from your teaching. Try to get exposed to as many students as possible through the platform. Here are some other ways to advertise your online teaching service:

  • If possible, design your own website for your teaching service
  • Put up banners on others’ education-related sites
  • You can even put up physical banners across your area and even your city at main places like schools, museums, bus stops and train stations etc.

3. Why should You Teach Online on Your Own?

It’s better to teach English online on your own than to get employed somewhere because you have the control over how you teach, what you teach and your fees. You also get control over choosing your students. If you want to focus on a particular aspect e.g. IELTS preparation, you have the freedom to do so.

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4. What will You Need?

The basic requirements are: a good computer and a stable internet connection, a VOIP setup, a headset (though not necessary), a payment option and a cancellation policy.

To get connected to your students, the two recommended options are Google Hangouts and Zoom. Google Hangouts is full of features like a whiteboard and Zoom has a better connectivity and fewer troubles. The best thing about both of them is that you can connect to anyone anywhere in the world for free with them.

Another best way to get connected is Skype because it has increasingly improved over the years and most users are experienced in using it.

Teach English Online

5. Payment Options

One of the most feasible payment options is PayPal since it’s widely available. It’s easy to work with too. After opening an account with them, place payment keys on your website. Now you can send PayPal invoices to your students in their email. They will get a link wherein they have to enter their payment details and the money will come to your PayPal account and ultimately to your bank account. The fee charged by PayPal varies from country to country. However, withdrawal to your bank account is free.

The only shortcoming of PayPal is that it’s not available in ALL countries. In that case, you’ll have to check which payment option can work for your students in such countries.

6. Getting Students

When you work independently it obviously brings the responsibility of getting students on your own. It won’t be enough to say that you teach English online. You’ll also have to ‘show’ how you teach. For this, you’ll have to be clear and honest to plan your lessons so that you can prove to your potential students how your teaching will help them. You can also use some additional materials while teaching which you can show them. This will help you promote yourself to your students.

Using these tips will hopefully help you become successful as an online English teacher. Try them and enjoy your new career.