5 Excellent Tips to Move Closer To Your Goal of Being an Expert Pianist

A person aspiring to learn playing a piano may think that it’s a difficult instrument but that’s only a half truth. Piano is a difficult instrument but only until you become familiar with the basic playing technicalities and the chords after which it’s an easy instrument. After that you just have to have patience, consistent practice and support from mentors and peers, and it will be so easy that you’ll enjoy learning and playing it. Here are some tips with which you can achieve that.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

When you decide to become an expert in anything, you have no other alternative than consistent practice. In case of a piano, when it comes to chords, notes and playing technique, each of these needs practice. And if you have taken up something like Singapore learn piano classes at home, you have the best chances to practice in the comfort of your home. Begin with some warm up, play the notes and keys before beginning with the actual music piece. Ideally, devote the initial 15 minutes of your piano session to practice the basics and that will improve your retaining ability.

2. Be Flexible

It’s common for beginners to become much stressed and produce unpleasantly loud sounds. Instead of ‘hitting’ the keys, keep your hands relaxed and allow your fingers to glide smoothly over them. This way you’ll be more flexible, kind to yourself and also will learn better.

3. Listening

Listening to other professional pianists is one of the best ways to sharpen your own skills. This is known as ear training and it’s the best way to improvise and especially for beginners it’s the best way of training.

4. Pay Attention to the Rhythm

Remember you are leaning music and music is made of rhythm. Rhythm and tempo are essential elements of music and you have to pay attention to both. If you are not so sure about the chords and notes involved, you’ll need an intense practice. Another benefit of maintaining rhythm is that it can cover up any errors and fumbles.

5. Sight Reading

One of the best ways to understand your music better is the sight reading technique. Amateurs can develop their individual skills, i.e. understanding the body in space. Many musicians get lost in the notes to such an extent that they lose their hold on reality. In that case, sight reading helps you keep on track with which you can anticipate your forthcoming notes and plan in advance.

If you apply these tips, they will help you gain confidence and that way, you can move closer to your goal of being an expert pianist. Happy learning!