3 Easy Tips for Your School’s Marketing

You have founded a school with a vision of giving high-quality education to as many children as possible. But today’s age is of marketing and publicity. Although the product or service you have , even if it’s your school, is of the highest quality, it’s hard for it to reach maximum people unless you advertise it. But there is nothing to worry. There are certain simple marketing tips you can easily follow and increase the number of applicants to your school.

1. Design an Optimised Website

Why is an optimised website so important for school marketing? It’s because such a website can bring more applicants for you. There are three ways in which it can do this.

  1. Your website should be designed in such a way that it should walk the visitor through the content and showcase your benefits in an easy way rather than overwhelming him and making him to leave. Also your call to action should be clear such as “Sign up here” or “Apply now”. Such a call to action should be placed in an area of the site where the visitor is most likely to click. You can also keep the “Apply now” button floating over the readers’ screen and it’ll increase the overall number of applicants. This is called Conversion Optimisation.
  2. Next step is mobile optimisation. Your website needs to be mobile optimised so that visitors can visit it through their mobile devices. Thus it should have a responsive design i.e. it should load on any browser width.
  3. The last step is search engine optimisation or SEO. This is to be done by determining which keywords your target audience is searching for and then you can strategically rank for them. By doing so, you will get more organic traffic – visitors that are more likely to convert into applicants.

2. Be More Active Online

This may look simple but its effect is dramatic and you can hugely improve your reach and thereby your applicant rate. To make this happen you should be active just on the right places online, such as:

Blog: Generating content is a surefire way to inform more and more people about your school and how it’s different than others.

Guest Blog: Apart from blogging on your own site, guest blogging on others’ relevant sites is even greater way to reach audiences who may not know about your school and get a link back to your school website.

Social Media: Through social media, you can target your potential applicants and increase your tuition rate.

3. Targeted Mailings

Targeted mailings are actually an old-school marketing technique but it works well in this era too. You have to hire a marketing agency to decide where to send mailings that your target audience is most likely to see.

Follow these tips and your school’s reach and applicants will dramatically increase. All the best to you for spreading education!