Trendix Stretchable Book Covers for Textbooks – Make Your Books Safe

Friends, if you are concerned about your textbooks and other books, I am glad to tell you about a wonderful product that can protect your books.

I myself am a big fan of books and love to take care of them. When I see torn, damaged, dusted, folded and dilapidated books, I feel sad for them. I have a big collection of books, for which I am always concerned. Some days ago, I was wondering what I could do to keep them intact, but now I am totally stress-free, thanks to Trendix Stretchable Book Covers for Textbooks.

What I find the most wonderful about these book covers is that no matter how big and fat your book is, these book covers can fit them to protect them because they are made from 85% premium polyester and 15% spandex. This high-quality material can protect your hardcover books for years. So, I am now totally relieved that my books will be protected.


book covers for textbooks

Doesn’t Size Matter?

You may wonder if the Trendix Stretchable Book Covers will fit any book size. Well, barring very small books they fit on almost any size of books, no matter how big and fat the books are. It’s because these covers are made from highly stretchable material and you can stretch them to fit on any size of your books; not useful just for small books shorter than 7”x9”. I have wrapped all my medium to jumbo size books in these covers. Since they are stretched and fit on my books, they are fitting perfectly and remaining secure there, without coming off and falling down.


I love the colors of these covers. They come in 12 pleasant colors – 6 cool collection and 6 warm collection. I have bought all these colors and feel proud when I look at my library with the colorful books.


book covers for textbooks

Easy to Clean

The beauty of these covers is that they can be washed in a washing machine and dry quickly. You don’t even need to clean them often. I clean mine in my washing machine once in a month and they are fine.

One More Amazing Use

Can you imagine another use of these book covers? I tell you. I have a very cute kitty, Rosy (as she has rosy eyes and ears). I keep on buying things for her among which I also bought a cat tree which was looking pretty ugly due to the dust. I covered them with some of my book covers and bingo – the covers made beautiful protective coverings for the perches! The scratching posts are intact. Isn’t that wonderful?


These covers are non-adhesive and free from cutting and taping. They are flexible and won’t break upon being twisted or folded. Thus they won’t cause any mess. They won’t even cause any stains on your books. I have tried many book covers so far but have not found this type of convenience in any other type of book covers.

So, friends, if you really want to protect your books, get Trendix Stretchable Book Covers for Textbooks and be stress-free about your books.

–  Micheal Cooper