American InterContinental University

Associate Degrees (2)

Associate of Arts in Business Administration
Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

Bachelor’s Degrees (24)

Bachelor of Accounting
Bachelor’s (BBA) – Accounting
Bachelor’s (BBA) – Entrepreneurship
Bachelor’s (BBA) – Finance
Bachelor’s (BBA) – Generalist
Bachelor’s (BBA) – Healthcare Management
Bachelor’s (BBA) – Human Resource Management
Bachelor’s (BBA) – International Business
Bachelor’s (BBA) – Management
Bachelor’s (BBA) – Marketing
Bachelor’s (BBA) – Operations Management
Bachelor’s (BBA) – Project Management
Bachelor’s (BHCM) – Healthcare Management
Bachelor’s (BHCM) – Healthcare Management – Gerontology
Bachelor’s (BHCM) – Healthcare Management – HSA Mgt.
Bachelor’s (BIT) – Digital Investigation
Bachelor’s (BIT) – Information Assurance and Security
Bachelor’s (BIT) – Network Administration
Bachelor’s (BIT) – Software Analysis and Development
Bachelor’s (BSCJ) – Corrections and Case Management
Bachelor’s (BSCJ) – Forensic Science
Bachelor’s (BSCJ) – Generalist
Bachelor’s (BSCJ) – Homeland Security and Crisis Management
Bachelor’s (BSCJ) – Law Enforcement

Master’s Degrees (16)

Master of Accounting
Master’s (M.Ed.) – Adult Education and Training
Master’s (M.Ed.) – Curriculum and Instruction for Educators
Master’s (M.Ed.) – Instructional Design and Technology
Master’s (M.Ed.) – Leadership of Educational Organizations
Master’s (MBA) – Healthcare Management
Master’s (MIT) – Information Assurance and Security
Master’s (MIT) – IT Project Management
MBA – Accounting
MBA – Finance
MBA – Healthcare Management
MBA – Human Resource Management
MBA – International Business
MBA – Management
MBA – Marketing
MBA – Operations Management