5 Useful Tips for Improving English while Studying in an English-speaking Country

Everyone wishes to get good education. Education in certain countries is of high quality; however, most of these countries are English-speaking. In that case, a student from a non-English-speaking country finds it very difficult to study and communicate with his classmates, professors and people who he has to deal with in everyday life, if he is not able to speak good English. Therefore it becomes necessary for such students to improve their English and make life easier.

1. Don’t Lose Confidence

It’s natural to get frustrated due to the gap of communication you experience during the initial days of your stay in an English-speaking country. But beware. You may lose confidence due to this and may shy away from people. Avoid this. Remember the old adage “Try, try till you succeed”. You just have to keep trying. If you lose confidence, you’ll also stop your efforts like reading English grammar and vocabulary books, dictionaries, listening to audios, and doing whatever to improve your English. So, be confident.

2. Create a Study Plan

Don’t avoid practicing even for a single day. Create a study plan and stick to it. Set up a routine and be disciplined about practicing.

3. Four Important Habits

4 habits important for learning any new language are to read, write, speak and listen. See to it that you get a chance to do all these. Although it’s easy to read and write at home, you may find it difficult to find someone to speak and listen to every time. Make English-speaking friends and meet them daily, just to talk to them and listen to them.

4. Don’t be Scared to Make Mistakes

Remove the fear from your mind of making mistakes. Just keep a watch on where you make mistakes and try to avoid them the next time. This will be possible slowly; so, don’t get frustrated if you keep repeating the same mistake every time. Have patience and don’t be hard on yourself. Just be persistent.

5. Put Yourself in an English-speaking Environment

It’s not bad to meet friends who speak your mother-tongue. However, you should maximize your time of meeting English-speaking people. Join a club, class or similar activity where you’d be surrounded by English-speaking people. Listening to English-speaking people is one of the best ways to improve English.

Learning a language is a great skill. Any language has its own minutiae, beauty and style which you should understand and learn. Be patient and confident and you’ll be successful.