4 Realistic Tips to Prepare for the SAT Test for Second Time

You may wrongly assume that SAT is only a one-time test. It may be good news to you that it can be taken multiple times and you can improve your final scores. This is even supported by colleges and universities. Here are tips for improving and getting ready for one more round.

1. Start Preparing for the Next Attempt Right After the Test

You may be surprised but it’s actually practical to start SAT test prep for one more attempt just after you take your SAT test. For this, write down notes on a paper, such as:

  • Questions that were particularly difficult
  • Concepts that confused you
  • Sections that were more challenging than you’d imagined them to be

These notes will be extremely useful while reviewing your score of the test. You can focus on your weakest side while preparing for the next attempt. Thus you can narrow your focus.

2. Keep a Target Score

Think on what score you’d like to achieve in your second SAT test. Think along this line:

  • Is there a particular score I need to achieve for getting admission in my dream school?
  • Is it achievable?
  • How far am I from that ideal score?
  • What areas do I have to improve on to achieve that score?

By keeping such a target of score, you can focus better on your efforts. Moreover, such a goal will keep you motivated when studying becomes tiring.

3. Practice Tests can Help You Gauge Your Progress

You have to prepare for SAT like preparing for a marathon and not like a sprint, because SAT is that tough. This kind of preparation can be done by taking numerous realistic practice tests. Here realistic refers to set a timeframe for each section and finish within it.

You can then check what’s improving or worsening comprehension-wise. You can also know whether you need to improve on your answer timing. If you take practice tests week to week, you can know how well you’re improving from every week.

The benefit of this is that you become able to address continuing issues. Not only that, but also you get familiar with the test format. This is of great help to prevent yourself from getting tripped out by test stress because you get trained for those particular conditions.

4. Find Other Students to Prepare Together

By doing this, you can use their brain power to your advantage. By studying together, you can share strategies, help fill in the gaps for particular problem and hold each other accountable.

Prepare for your second SAT test with these tips and you are bound to get success. All the best!