4 important Tips to Score High in ACT

­To students taking the ACT test for the first time, its time limit may seem strict and stressful. However the fact is that there’s no reason to be scared of it. There are so many ACT tips which anyone can easily follow. Here are a few such tips that will help you improve your ACT score.

1. Use Trick of Elimination

One of the best strategies to crack the ACT question format is the trick of elimination. It’s obviously easier to eliminate all wrong answers than trying to figure out the correct one.

Keenly check the wording of each answer. Is it providing the required information? Is any of the words throwing the conclusion off, even a bit? If it is, don’t hesitate to junk that option.
This trick is particularly useful in the English & Reading sections. The correct answer must be supported clearly by evidence in the passage. The ones that are not supporting are wrong and you can eliminate them.

2. Skip Difficult Questions

Since ACT is rigorously timed, you must pace yourself & answer every question within the time. If you find a question hard, skip it, solve the easier questions and then return to the difficult question/s and try to solve it.

This will reduce your stress because you have solved more than half the paper due to your ACT prep efforts & hard work, & now only a few are remaining.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Guess

Remember, you won’t be penalized for guessing answers in ACT. So, even if there are only a few questions remaining that you have skipped, go ahead and attend them, even though you feel that your answer may be wrong.
If your answers are wrong, your score won’t be reduced; but if one or more of them are correct, your score may increase. So, instead of totally giving up, remember to solve all questions.

4. Introduction & Conclusion are Important in ACT Essay

Your ACT examiners have a limited time for checking thousands of essays before them after every test date. So they first check the introduction & conclusion of every essay because it gives them a good idea of the writer’s writing style.

Introduction contains the statement of your essay. Make sure this statement is clear enough so that the examiners can easily grasp it. This will increase your chances of scoring high.

Follow these tips to reduce stress and score high in the ACT test. All the best!