3 Major Reasons Why You Should Take SAT Subject Tests

Do you know that apart from the SAT itself, there are also SAT Subject Tests that you can take? SAT Subject Tests are conducted by the College Board and unlike the regular SAT, they focus on particular areas of interest. Now you may think why you should take them. So, here are a few prominent reasons for that.

1. SAT Subject Tests Demonstrate Your Likings

College admission boards resemble sports teams in that they need to develop a totally new class from scratch every year.

They prefer to build a broad class that can fill in several different types of spots. In such a situation, submitting Subject Test results to them provides them a useful metrics. These results help them to assess your strengths when it comes to particular subjects, revealing your major potential.

For example, you take SAT Subject Tests for Physics and Math Level 1 and scored high. When you’ll submit the results to the admission board, they can assume that these areas interest you and can translate into engineering major. Hence if they have a powerful engineering program, you’d be a right candidate to admit to fill in a spot there.

2. Create Your Great Impression on Admission Board

Admission boards would like to get everything that can tell them about you. In addition to regular standardized high school transcripts, test scores, essays etc. Subject Tests too can provide your information to them. Thus if you have studied certain Subject Tests and scored high with them, send them to the Admission Board.

Your commitment towards learning and going deep into certain areas of knowledge will be revealed by them. Thus they will work in your favor. If you’ve taken a couple of those tests before graduation, don’t hesitate to send the results over.

3. Subject Tests can Earn You Prerequisite Credits Early

Admission boards of some colleges use Subject Test results to admit students into corresponding study programs while selecting them.

If you plan to take one or many, you can have strong chances of using your scores to circumvent taking similar classes in your freshman year. It may be possible for you to automatically earn credits for preliminary-level classes and skip them to get admission for higher-level equivalents.

If you have already planned for your desired major and want to skip the introductory classes, consider taking Subject Tests because they can give you the required credits. Don’t forget to make sure if the colleges you’re interested in have this type of policy.

All in all, the SAT Subject Tests can be a great part of your SAT test prep; consider taking them and they can be an excellent help.