What Should an Effective Essay Contain?

Though you want to do all you academic tasks by yourself, you have no time. And that forces you to hire a professional essay-writing service. However, what to expect from such a service? The essay should reflect your personality and character. So, are there any specific characteristics the essay should have? Yes, there are and you can instruct your professional writer to include them in the essay. Here they are.

What Type of Essay You Need to Write?

Essays are of different types. Tell the writer clearly what type of essay you have been assigned to write. For example, it can be an expository, narrative, persuasive, literary, argumentative, comparative or any other type of essay. Depending upon the type of essay, the writer should choose a suitable topic.

Choose a Topic

A general topic is sufficient if you are expected to create a paper that is a general overview; however, if are expected to create a specific paper, your topic should be specific. For example, “Spain” can be a general topic, while “Cultural Diversity in Spain” is a more specific topic.

If you are to choose your own topic, first identify the purpose of your essay. Is it for persuading? Or for explaining how to achieve something? Or for educating about a place, person or idea? The topic should support the purpose of your essay.


The first paragraph of your essay should be introduction. It should contain the idea of the thing readers will read about in the essay. Introduction is also very important from the point of view of capturing readers’ attention and interest. Especially, the first sentence should be very attractive. The sentences that would follow should explain your opening statement. End your introductory paragraph with your thesis statement.


The body of the essay should describe, explain or argue the topic you have selected. The main ideas of your outline of the essay will be the paragraphs of the body. If you have five main concepts in your outline, there will be five body paragraphs.

Each of these paragraphs will address its main concept that will support the thesis statement. The first one should present your strongest argument that should support your thesis. Start it by stating the supporting idea. Later add sentences containing supporting facts, information, examples or evidence.


The last paragraph of your essay should be the conclusion. It should restate your thesis statement with a bit different wording than you used in your introduction. It should also summarize the arguments you stated in the body. The last sentence should indicate that the essay has ended. This conclusion paragraph should show the readers that you have confidence that you have proven all the ideas presented in the thesis statement.

Such an effective essay will help you in your progress through your school and college, and so, you should instruct your writer accordingly, so that you can get an effective essay written and even other works done simultaneously, together contributing to your progress.