What is Bullying?

Do you think your kids are being bullied or they bully other kids? Before looking for a way to prevent or stop it, it’s crucial to find out what bullying is and the types of aggressive behavior that exist. Bullying is a repeated and deliberate attempt to cause harm to others who are weaker and fragile. It can be rather durable behavior, especially if bullies get what they want and they usually do.

In general, bullying is aggressive, unwanted, repeated behavior among kids who go to school which involves power imbalance, either perceived or real. Both bullies and bullied kids might have lasting, severe problems later in life. In order to classify certain behavior as bullying, it has to be aggressive and it must include repetition and an imbalance of power. Bullies use their power, such as physical and mental strength, popularity or economic status to harm or control other kids. Sometimes, especially these days, they use an access to sensitive and/or embarrassing information to manipulate others. The behavior must happen more than once or have the potential to repeat to be considered bullying. It includes actions such as verbal or physical attacks, spreading rumors and gossiping, making threats and excluding certain kid from a group.

There are 3 major types of bullying: verbal, physical or social bullying. Verbal bullying can include name-calling, taunting, teasing, threatening and inappropriate comments. Physical bullying can involve breaking or taking someone’s possessions, pinching, hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing and tripping. Social bullying involves hurting someone’s relationships and/or reputation and it can include spreading rumors, leaving certain kid out on purpose or telling others not to be friends with them, embarrassing weaker kids in public etc.

Bullying occurs while kids are at school, but also before or after school hours. Although most reported bullying does happen in school buildings, a significant number of cases has happened in other places, such as on the bus or the playground. Nowadays, it happens rather frequently on the internet.

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