What Clients Look For In Event Planners

A special event with a fun program and amazing decor is the end product of hard work done by a professional event planner. These people take pride in delivering excellent customer service and seamless events. The main skills necessary for pleasing clients include the ability to withstand pressure, make the right decisions quickly, natural desire to provide the best service and a sharp focus on details.


Event planners always have to show good negotiation skills. There are other stakeholders at any event, but your boss wants to make sure your team has the best terms regardless of the circumstances. Have you ever negotiated a contract? It can be scary without specific knowledge – and employers know it. It requires confidence to hold your ground, and not everyone can do it naturally.


It is no surprise that employers hire people who can keep several events straight at once – many expect event planners manage up to 500 events per year. Either way, you should learn to multitask in order to become an event planner.

Staying calm while under fire

This is tied to the previous skill. Event planners are not quick to freak out. Vendors, attendees and clients are looking for support and guidance, and choose those who can stay calm and smile while scrambling to fix everything quickly.


In order to provide excellent service, event planners need to know how to keep records. They should have all important contacts with them available immediately. They must be organized in every sphere so they never appear unprepared in front of clients.

Ability to listen and understand

Many people believe that event planners are very vocal and can bark out orders within seconds, but the opposite is also true; good event planners can listen and take in ideas, accept advice and then act on it. They know that the real purpose of any event is to achieve the client’s goals and deliver the best experience to guests.

Looking for a job in event planning can be a difficult task if you are just starting the process. Whether you are changing careers, looking for the first job or trying to trade solo business for the corporate gig, an event planner degree will not leave you thinking that in order to become an excellent event planner you need to have inhuman abilities and experience.