Useful Tips to Prepare for the Different Sections of IELTS Exam

Accepted in more than 140 countries across the world, IELTS is one of the most reputable English proficiency exams that you should appear for if you want to study or work in an English-speaking country and you don’t belong to one. The exam is a basic measure for admission to several universities across the planet. The exam is divided into two parts, viz. Academic and General. Many students appearing for this exam wonder how to crack it. Here are some useful tips.

Here are the basic components of IELTS exam:

  • Listening: 30 minutes: 4 sections, 40 items
  • Speaking: 11-14 minutes: 3 part one-on-one conversation
  • Writing: 60 minutes: 2 tasks
  • Reading: 60 minutes: 3 sections, 40 items

Fortunately you can incorporate your IELTS preparation in your daily routine. While reading a book, watching television or chatting with friends, you can prepare for IELTS alongside.

Preparation of Listening Section

Listening section comprises of One-On-One Interaction in which there is an interaction between two people which can be a general one or on telephone and you should note down particular information from the interaction. To prepare for this, you should listen to as many English conversations as you can.

Then there is the Speech part in which you will be made to listen to a speech and then answer questions. It tests how well you grasp the core idea of a speech.

The next part is Monologue. You should listen to discussions on television to prepare for this part.

In the Group Discussion part, you have to discuss with maximum four people and thus catch up with more than one speech flow. Attending and hearing discussions is the best way to practice.

Preparation for Speaking Section

This involves one-on-one live communication with an invigilator. It takes around 11 to 14 minutes and analyses how fluently you can speak English. To prepare for this part:

  • Record your speech on a tape at home and listen to it. Pay attention to your pronunciations and mistakes.
  • Remember that you should express your opinion as examiners will evaluate your communication skill from that.

Preparation for Writing Section

The writing section has two subsections viz. academic and general. In the academic section you’ll have to describe a diagram, chart or graph and also write an essay describing your point of view. In the general section, you’ll be presented with a circumstance and asked to write a letter describing it along with the essay. To practice for this section:

  • Read sample essays
  • Write essays
  • Practice grammar
  • Another tip is start with Task 2 first because it’s worth more marks and it’s easier too.

Preparation for Reading Section

In this section, you’ll have to read a long article and answer a set of questions. To prepare for this section:

  • Read as much as you can
  • Make notes while reading
  • Practice comprehension

Preparation of IELTS exam needs patience and hard work. If you apply these two, you are sure to pass with flying colors and your dream of studying abroad can come true.