Tremendous Importance of Principles of Accounts Tuition in Singapore

Are you in search of the best principles of accounts tuition in Singapore? You will find many of them with a team of experienced tutors from the field of accountancy that will help your child learn the skills necessary to do financial reports in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Standards.

When it’s about the Principles of Accounts, it’s a subject chiefly offered to selective Sec 3 and 4 Express and Normal Academic students. It is offered as an optional subject at Secondary Three and it’s examinable at the GCE Ordinary Level (O-Levels).

Apart from science subjects and mathematics, POA is the most important subject in Singapore. These days, almost every company needs financial accounting to be done. Hence, creating a strong foundation of POA will be advantageous to a student across her/his entire life, whether s/he pursues the accounting studies or not. And so, the best POA tuition is what the student needs.

Along with this, it’s also a fact that POA is a subject easy to score. In comparison to other humanities, such as history and geography, very less amount of memorizing is needed in POA. However, the exam is centered more on practical calculations than theory.

You will find that there are countless students opting to study POA and hence there is a great demand for a good POA tutor in Singapore since this subject is known to be pretty complex. Students who want to obtain an A1 grade should score 95 out of 100 in their POA examination.

If your child wants to choose Polytechnics or University, Principles of Accounts is a subject that will highly benefit her/him. S/He also might look for help in accountings since they don’t figure out what their lecturers are talking.

Lecturers want their students to know the basics of the subject so that they can jump to the actual syllabus they have to complete without wasting time in teaching basics.

Over the past few years, Principles of Accounts tuition has become popular even more than mathematics tuition. With POA tuition, students can get thorough understanding of fiscal concepts and other main concepts in accounting. Thus, it’s beneficial for students to select POA subject along with science and maths, and choose the best POA tuition agency that can help them in the subject to the maximum extent.

The tremendous benefits of choosing a good POA tutor are:


  • A professional tutor will provide personal attention to your child.
  • A POA tutor will solve your child’s problems related to accounts, then and there itself so that your child’s mind will be clear and stress-free.
  • Your child will get help in homework, assignments and preparation of exams from the tutor.
  • An experienced POA tutor will identify problem areas of your child in accounting and will help improve them.


So, finding a good POA tuition will always be beneficial for your child. Find one and let your child shine!