Top Tips for Finding an Excellent GP Tutor

You are about to appear for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level exam and want a tuition for an important subject – GP or General Paper. General Paper is an important subject in the SC GCE A-Level exam which trains you to think critically, explore numerous globally and locally important issues, build convincing arguments, communicate your ideas in an accurate and effective language and thrive in a fast-changing world. Such an important subject needs extremely good tutoring and this very fact makes the job of finding the right tutor complicated. Moreover the wide range of options available makes the task even more difficult.

Here are some points with which your job of finding a perfect gp tuition will become somewhat easy.

Qualities to Look for

Though there is not any definite quality that will make your decision process easy, you can surely look for some qualities that you should essentially check. By making a holistic evaluation of all of them, you can select a perfect tutor suitable to your learning needs and style.

These are:

Quality of teacher: Look for teachers who are fully trained with remarkable school experience, and with outstanding track records and credentials.

Size of class: Since a subject like GP needs individual attention and personal feedback, a small size of class is very important. Since GP is not like math or science, there are no standardized answers to its questions and every student can give a different and logical answer to a same question. So, find a tutoring institute where you can get individual attention. And even better is a place where you can get one-on-one tuition.

The way lessons are conducted: You should also look for how lessons are held and whether time is used meaningfully. Generally in schools, time is spent randomly by GP teachers on poorly guided class presentations, endless video screenings and discussions of articles. Therefore it’s of no use if in your tutoring institute, the same approach is taken. Therefore you should see if the lesson time is used fruitfully, i.e. with effective tutoring.

Teaching of Skills and Content

These are keys in GP tuition as without skills, you won’t be able to write your essay properly. However, knowing what is required is one thing, while more important is being able to apply the same. Therefore the tuition should help you develop proper application of skills. This is possible only when the tutor doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach and so, again individual attention is needed.

Consider all these things and find a good GP tuition that will help you pass your exam with flying colors!