Top Sources for Learning English

There is no doubt that English is an important language and one who wants to gain knowledge and become successful in life should be well versed with a global language like English. But anyone who is learning English as L2 can be confused with a question like from where to start. Here are some surefire sources with which you can make a good start of learning English.

1) Books

The most obvious source is books, at least in this case, and it’s undoubtedly the best one. When it comes to improving your grammar and vocabulary, books are the first choice you should be turning to. So, this is good news for all avid readers out there. It is never a mistake to start with the classics. If that is not to your liking, you can perhaps try some science fiction. Or any other literary type can always be a good source of learning the language in which it is published.

2) Movies

Movies you watch, either in cinemas or at home, can help you with your listening and speaking skills. Of course, at first, it is advisable to watch movies with subtitles as that is one more source helping you to remember the form of words and memorize the spellings. But, as time passes, you should pluck up the courage and start listening. By doing this you will unconsciously start memorizing the phrases and constructions. Hopefully, you are a cinephile.

3) The Internet

The internet is undoubtedly the best source of learning English because you can get access to books and movies on the internet. What’s more, you can take free online courses, for example the Free Online IELTS Preparation Courses. Where else can you get free education like this? This incredible online course allows you to do a number of things, like improving listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. You are trained to achieve the various IELTS tasks. This course is based on research in psycholinguistics, so you can be sure that these are professionals you’re working with. Your progress will be monitored, and don’t be afraid of not being able to do your exercises in time, because there is a free app which you can install on your tablet, iPad or smart phone, so you can access this course whenever you feel like it.

In short, there is no shortage of sources if you have a strong will power to learn English and work hard. It’s also important to find just the right source and take its full benefit in order to achieve success in learning this beautiful and versatile language.