Top 6 Tips to Learn a New Language Online Faster and Easier

Learning a new language is always fun. Not only it adds to your skills, but also it creates new cognitive pathways in your brain and thereby develops it. It also helps you in communicating to more people, gain more knowledge, read more books, watch more movies and so on. There are countless benefits of learning a new language. Today you can learn a new language without leaving your home or whatever you are doing because of the internet. Here are a few tips to make learning a new language online faster and easier.

1. Have a Purpose

You need to have a purpose behind learning anything new because if you haven’t one, you are less likely to be motivated. Especially if you are learning online, there are countless other attractions that may divert you from your learning process. Google first to find out how you can make use of your new skill (if you haven’t any preset purpose). Can you teach it to another person or persons? Can you communicate to your new faraway friends in their language while chatting or mailing them? Will you use it for professional purpose? Do you want to read the great literature in that language? There can be any reason to learn a language. Stay firm with that reason and determine that after the learning process, you are going to do that, so that you will continue to be motivated.

2. Find a Partner

Having a partner will be very useful to try your new skills. You can find your sibling, a friend, a parent or anyone with whom you can experiment talking apart from your class. If you have foreign friends with whom you want to communicate through online chat, you already have partners! This way your learning process will be faster and you will enjoy learning. You will also get a good practice to pronounce various words in the new language with audio or video chat.

3. Learn Like a Child

This doesn’t mean that you should keep jumping or shouting while learning. There are certain other qualities children have that make them fast learners and which you should adopt. For example, children lack self-consciousness and they are not ashamed of making mistakes. These qualities make one a fast learner.

4. Listen as Much as You Can

To make correct pronunciations and thereby conveying correctly to your audience what you want to say exactly is very important. For this, you should first listen a lot in your new language. When you get habituated to listening to various words, phrases and sentences in a language other than your mother tongue, speaking in that language becomes increasingly easier and clearer, because specific parts of your throat are prepared to produce those sounds. So, be keen in listening to your new language as much as you can, in the form of online audio or video chats, lectures, tapes and other sources.

5. Watch People Talking

This may sound strange, but ‘watching’ people making movements of lips, throat and tongue in the language you want to learn, may improve your learning. Remember that pronunciation is not only physical but also mental!

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