Top 4 Tips for Finding a Perfect Career Mentor

If you are confused about which career to choose, what you need is a career mentor. However, it is as difficult to find a career mentor as it is to find the career itself. So, how can you ensure to get the best and most appropriate career advice from a perfect mentor? Here are some tips.

1. Be Clear about Your Needs

Before you even start finding a career advisor, sit and think over what you want from a mentor. And don’t just think, but jot down main points. Do you want your mentor to make you aware of all your options or you want them to strengthen your stalled networking efforts or make you know better about a certain industry or guide you to start a business successfully? Being clear with yourself will greatly help you find just the right mentor.

2. Think Outside the Box

You can get a great mentor in a variety of places; start looking for one outside your existing workplace, school or college. For example, is such an unusual place to get the best career advice. Getting the right mentor at Jiruu is extremely easy; you should first sign up with them with the information about your education, professional skills and experience etc. Next you get the opportunity to connect with people who are experts in their respective fields and can advice you the best about choosing a career. This is a state-of-the-art professional networking platform with which your career development process becomes way easier. You should find such a platform and get the right guidance.

3. Talk to Your Mentor

Once you find a right mentor, set up a meeting with her/him and talk! Talking to your mentor will make things clear for both of you. The meeting with your mentor should be done with ample time in yours as well as your mentor’s hand so as to discuss things in detail.

4. Tell Your Expectations Clearly to Your Mentor

Don’t hesitate or be shy while talking to your mentor and tell her/him your expectations clearly. Ensure that s/he can give enough time to you and set up a regular timetable for meeting, though online. Choose topics of discussion and ensure that s/he is happy to help you in those topics and is knowledgeable.

A good mentor can clear any confusion off your mind about potential careers and guide you towards the career you should ideally choose. Get such a mentor by following the above tips.