Top 3 Tips for Taking Notes that will Make You Excel in Your Studies

Being a senior college student, during many years of education, I had to go through trial and error in order to get to the perfect stage of taking notes. Aside from that, if you plan on being a good student, be sure to develop your study skills and habits. If you follow this advice early on, the success will come in no time. You may forget what you did on your classes in a blink of an eye, that’s just what memory is like. The best way to prevent squandering both your time and knowledge is taking notes.

1) Listening

The first step of the way is how well the intake of information goes, and you’ll be surprised what can affect that. Positive attitude helps you concentrate and listen better. If you wish you were anywhere else on the planet, say good-bye to good notes and with that, a grade you had in mind. Put in some extra effort and conscientiously try harder to listen and be more attentive.

2) Brace Yourself

Everything else apart, if you prepare yourself for the class you’ve done more than half of the job for preparing for the exam. Try bringing a highlighter or two to class, so that when something important appears and professor stresses its importance, you’ll have just the right weapon to win the battle. It will make the whole studying process easier if you know what to focus on. Read the material you’re supposed to and prepare questions for anything you didn’t understand. Another great alternative is to find help online. E.g. if you need help with Physics, you can try A level physics notes to make things clear. This is a great alternative and your effort and resourcefulness will show on your final test.

3) Editing

It may seem silly, but editing will improve your studying skills. However, the trick is in the ticking clock. While your classes are still fresh, and you remember them almost completely- you’re an ideal editor for your notes, i.e. let’s say within 24 hours of the last lecture you had. Everything later than that may be too late, because things become blurry and you start forgetting important facts. Editing means deciphering illegible words or writing down what your abbreviated words mean. Use a red or a purple pen (those are my choices, you may use any one you like, as long as it’s different from the original text) when editing. Add key words and make your study cards easier later on! Consider rewriting the whole lecture if you find the time.

These are some easy tips and tricks to help you excel in your studies. Being enthusiastic is one thing, being persistent is another. Be sure to do everything you can to achieve the goal you have in mind, and the results will undoubtedly follow!