Tips on Preparing the Regents Exams

In order to get one of New York State’s Regents Diplomas, students need to pass 5 or more Regents exams. How can this be accomplished? Let’s present you several strategies that can really help you with your Regents exams!

First of all, it’s crucial to understand the content and the structure of these exams. As mentioned earlier, passing the Regents exams is inevitable if you want to receive a Regents diploma, but it is also vital to earn as high scores as possible in each test. For instance, a student who scores below 75 on the ELA or below 80 on the algebra Regents has to take a remedial course in college. This pressures students both academically and financially. In order to decrease the risk of taking the hard road in college, it’s very important to prepare yourself for these exams.

Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today. By this, I mean that you shouldn’t leave preparing for the Regents exam to the last days before it. Begin with material you’ve learned at the start of the school year; the chances are, you’ve forgotten most of it. How much time do you need? It depends on the exam itself and you as a student. You should talk to your teachers or tutors about creating a plan that will suit you. Some students need more time for Algebra regents, while others need math tutorials for geometry regents. Make sure you know what you should focus on. However, having a plan is not enough; sticking to it is necessary.

Find old tests and practice with them. Study material for the Regents exams can be useful when students are preparing even for other standardized tests and it can provide a great opportunity to practice various strategies for taking tests. Make sure the past Regents exams you choose for practicing come with answer keys.

Accept the help your teachers offer. In schools, teachers organize extra classes for Regents prep. They usually review practice tests and give advice on how to perform successfully when taking the actual tests.

Finally, you can enroll in one of many test-prep programs or you can hire private tutors. For instance, Online Test Prep for New York State Regents Exams offer online test prep for Algebra, Geometry and Algebra 2 Regents.