Tips for New Lorry Drivers to Make the Most of Recruiters

If you are considering a career of a lorry driver, you should remember that lorry driving schools and trucking companies are your precious resources. But most new drivers connect the recruiters’ professionalism with the quality of the school or company. Here are some tips for new drivers to make the most of recruiters.

Why is Your Recruiter Valuable?

A recruiter will explain you the best reasons for enrolling in their school or working with their organization. Every school and organization is a bit different, each having its advantages and perks. The recruiter is well aware of this and presents those advantages to you in a correct way. Here one of your very initial questions should be “What benefits does your company have over others?”

Often by talking to a recruiter you may learn about benefits or perks you might have not even considered. You will find them attractive until you come to know about what their competitor has. The new info may change the game instantly, making you to rethink upon your available alternatives carefully.

While one school may allow you to stay even after the class and practise whatever you have learned in the lorry for free, another may not. One school may have various transmissions in their trucks and you can get experience with each of them, while others may have only a single transmission on all their trucks. While at one company, you can choose from various loads, at others you might have to take whatever they give to you.

Thus you have to consider a lot of things while choosing a lorry driving training school or company with which you want to work. When you talk to different recruiters, many possibilities open up for you which you had not considered.

Make a List of Pros and Cons

Depending upon what you come to know about different companies, what they have to offer you and what not, you can make a list of their pros and cons. You can enlist the following qualities.

Location: Rather than location, you should consider how much you will have to pay to reach the location of the school and whether they are going to pay you the conveyance. While some companies offer it, some don’t. The policy about conveyance differs from company to company and you should not only consider whatever you are getting for free. But if you are short of money, this may be an important point to consider.

Courses: This is an important point to consider. Remember that the time duration of the course should be long enough to acquire all the skills as a lorry driver. This is because you may come across some schools that offer even a 1-week course and that’s certainly not enough time. The training time should be at least of three weeks. Keep in mind that lorry driving training is much more than learning how to change gears and handling a trailer.

Payment: As this is what everyone is interested in, you should first find it out. And this is quite easy to find too. There are options here too which you should know from the recruiters. For example, some companies reimburse some part of your training; so, make it a point to ask.

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