Teaching English in Austria – Top Tips for An Extremely Rewarding Experience

If you love travelling, need money to travel but are more into earning while traveling, and have a love for teaching, especially languages, how about earning by teaching English in Austria? Austria is a beautiful and unique country with a lot of customs and traditions that the rest of the world doesn’t know and may feel amazed with. People here are friendly, warm, welcoming, interesting and eager to learn English, mainly to communicate with the outside world in order to move ahead in the business sector. In other words, Austria is one of the best countries for you if you are thinking of living in another country (even  for a few days) and earning a decent income by undertaking a prestigious job like teaching.

First of all, let’s see how you can get an English teacher’s job in Austria.

Find Proper TEFL Certification

Find an internationally accredited and recognized TEFL certification in which you can get a lot of training and live teaching practice. Nothing will be more unfortunate than having to reach all the way to Austria to get a teacher’s job and not getting one since you don’t have a recognised TEFL certification.

Don’t worry though! You still have a better option. You can complete the TEFL certification right in Austria itself and find a job there or in some other country as per your wish. This can be done via the courtesy of The English Teacher Training College which is a non-profit Austrian College committed to two objectives, firstly to provide practical training in teaching English to non-English-speaking students and secondly to promote the learning of language and cultural exchange, and encourage understanding between Austria and English-speaking countries by inviting teachers from England, Ireland, Scotland, and other countries to teach English in Austrian classrooms. They are working towards reaching every child in Austria with a free English language project by 2020. So, this is perhaps the best option for you: Teach, study and travel in Austria with a non-profit organisation while earning subsidised TEFL qualifications and helping children (Trinity CertTESOL & Cambridge CELT-P)!

English Teacher Training College

Manage Funds

After arriving in Austria, make sure that you are financially sound enough to support yourself for at least 4 to 6 weeks. In Austria, living costs vary and depend upon which area you choose to stay in, if they will be higher or lower; however, on an average living costs here are high. You will have to consider the prices for your accommodation and air fare. So, it’s recommended to bring a sizeable amount of cash or a credit card with sufficient limit.

Find Accommodation

If you don’t have an accommodation in Austria, like that of friends or family, you may have to spend your first month in a hostel or any such economical accommodation. The hostel-dormitory of The English Teacher Training College is extremely comfortable, peaceful, clean and perfect for study and  mingling with local people. So, with this college, you need not worry about accommodation.

Hallstatt Austria

Preparing to Get Job Calls

Right upon your arrival in Austria, get a local phone. Also ensure that you include the new phone number to your resume and all mail.

Get the cover letter as well as your resume translated to German. Make business cards too for yourself that mention your TEFL certification.

Make use of all the resources you have for finding schools to get in touch with  for interviewing. These include Austrian yellow pages and major ESL job boards. Also research and call schools online, and check if they are operational still before visitting them in person.

If you enroll at The English Teacher Training College, mentioned above, you will not need to find jobs on your own; the College has a strong job placement program which the management runs jointly with human resources. A strong emphasis is given on practical experience and employability which are highly sought after by most employers in the EFL and education sectors. The College is proud that 95% of their graduates get jobs within 3 months.

Job Opportunities

The demand of English teachers in Austria is seen on a larger scale in metropolitan cities like Vienna, Graz and Salzburg, where there is a higher concentration of international businesses. But vacancies can also be found in schools in small towns, though on a smaller scale. July and August are the best time to apply for teaching jobs as this is the peak time for hiring teachers.

Providing Private Lessons

You can also find work as a private tutor by posting flyers on message boards in and around universities, cafés and other areas with heavy traffic. Local publications are also a good source where you can post ads. Enlist the help of your friends and request them to let you know if they come across anyone who is looking for a private English tutor.

teaching job oportunities


Join Your Local Teaching Community

Find out where your area’s teachers get together. Join this local community of teachers, talk to them and build relations. Personal referrals and word of mouth can prove to be the best ways to discover new opportunities.

teachers' community

Make Samples

Make samples of your teaching by video recording a sample lesson. Prepare the sample lesson plan well and then shoot it.

Dress Properly

Let your outfit be professional and conservative when you meet your potential employers. Facial piercings, tattoos etc are strict no-no. Make good preparations for the interview and arrive on time at the place.

Now, let’s see what other preparations you should make when you decide to go to Austria.

Prepare for the Cold

Austrian climate is pretty cold; so, pack plenty of jumpers. If you are planning to live for the whole year it’s a good idea to pack a variety of clothes as it is quite warm in September and beginning of October as well as in spring. Snow boots are a must, because without them, you may not be able to go anywhere in winter.

Hallstatt in winter Austria

Avoid Homesickness

Pack some photos of your home and family so as to avoid homesickness. They will help you settle down fast. Getting a few DVDs of your memories is also a good idea when you have nothing much to watch on TV and you are feeling alone.

Austria girls

To-do List

Get there on a weekend which gives you ample time to unpack, and acquaint yourself with the area. You can also get some other necessary errands like getting a mobile phone and setting up a bank account out of the way.

Among the first things to do upon reaching an Austrian city is getting a mobile phone. Get a ‘pay as you go’ plan because it is quite cheaper to contact friends, colleagues etc. Spending a little more for another phone is a good idea because you can avoid the hassle of switching SIM cards. If there is no access to the internet in your area, having a dongle is a great idea as well. However, it can be  costly, but only if you stream videos and music. Though using it for operating your email account and checking Facebook won’t cost as much.

Another important task for you is to set up a bank account. Setting it a couple of weeks before you start a job is a good idea, so that when you start the school, you can give them all the details and get paid right from the first month. Having an account at your local post office can also be really useful.

Another formality you have to complete in Austria is to go to the Meldeamt, within 3 days of arrival. You will find it most possibly in the town hall and is a really simple thing to do. Just get there and acquire the form, fill it out and get your landlord’s sign on it, and take it back along with your passport. You can find the Anmelden form possibly online. When your stay is over, you should go back and get yourself off the records. Upon registering, you get your social security pack by post. You have to give your social security number at your schools.

While starting your job, you should produce your bank account details and social security number; but passport is not needed.

When you join The English Teacher Training College, they help you out with all these formalities.

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Health Insurance

EU students are eligible to get Austrian healthcare just like nationals as long as they have a European Health Insurance Card. So, don’t forget yours. However, it’s mandatory to get public health insurance while attending an Austrian university.

Safety Tips

Austria is not a dangerous destination and terrifying incidents are rare. In fact, Austria is one of the safest countries in Europe and crime rate is remarkably low. In highly crowded areas like train and bus stations, tourist spots etc beware of purse snatchers and pickpockets.

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According to the Austrian law, your passport should always be at hand. If you don’t carry it, but it is in the same area where you are, you should produce it within an hour. Producing a UK driving license in Austria is useless as an official ID.

Teaching English in Austria can be a rewarding experience with the breathtaking landscape of the country and a loving populace, along with the help of institutes like The English Teacher Training College, you can have an utmost comfortable stay in this lovely country.