Study With It – The New Face Of TOEFL Training

If you are planning to appear for TOEFL so that you can get an easy admittance to your favorite university in an English-speaking country, you must know that you will have to work hard. There is a lot of preparation to do and of course, you need high-quality guidance.

In that case, an online resource like is of great help. These courses are designed and conducted by John Healy, a world-class TOEFL iBT coach and English professor. If you have a good internet connection, you should take full advantage of this course which consists of a lot of short, easy and fast to stream videos that will teach you performance secrets that will improve your confidence as well as your score.

About Study With It

Study With It is pretty well-reviewed. Its FB page has over 2000 followers and the early reviews for their course, Clear Strategies & Tactics, is excellent.

Prof. John Healy

Why Study With It?

As you know, TOEFL is an examination to check your English skills on all levels, i.e. reading, listening, speaking and writing. So far, in your school and college you might have appeared for English exams that usually test only writing English skills, which are comparatively easy because while writing we get time to think on grammatically correct sentence preparation and can write. This is not the case with spoken English. While speaking English with another person, you should have the ability to think extremely fast in your mind and should be able to form grammatically correct sentence and speak, because the opposite person won’t wait if you take a long time for thinking like your examination paper.

Similarly, you should be able to pronounce English words correctly. It’s because some English words have similar spellings but different pronunciations and meanings. If you pronounce a word wrongly, it could mean something else and there can be a misunderstanding. While living in an English-speaking country for studies, it’s important for you to communicate properly with others, who would include your professors, fellow students and a lot of other people with whom you have to deal with to survive.

Same is the case with listening. There may be a lot of difference between the English pronunciations of the teachers, fellow students and other people in your country, and those in the country where you will be living for your study. You should be able to understand what people in that country are saying; if you can’t understand that, you won’t understand what is being taught and your performance will decline.

And therefore TOEFL tests your reading, listening and speaking skills too along with writing. Study With It offers courses that help you in TOEFL prep your English skills on all these levels.

  • Reading: The Reading course helps you prepare for 7 types of questions asked in the exam.
  • Listening: The Listening course helps you learn the 3-act structure of conversations and lectures.
  • Speaking: The Speaking course helps you organize your ideas quickly and speak fast.
  • Writing: The Writing course helps you learn the 6-sentence paragraph solution and manage your time while writing.

Salient Features of Study With It

1. 99 ‘talking head’ training videos with great graphics
2. Good instructions with clear models and concepts
3. Understandable Strategies and Tactics for TOEFL prep
4. John is a charismatic instructor


1. New kid on the block – founder John Healy and his team are up against some giants like Magoosh and PrepScholar
2. Could be a bit pricey at $1 per day for a 31-day intensive course ($31)

About John Healy

Prof. Healy is a professional TOEFL trainer and private English conversation coach. One of those rare online teachers who make a living by helping non-native speakers build English skills.

Prof. John Healy

All in all, if you were worried about how you would get help for your TOEFL prep, you don’t have to worry anymore because Study With it is with you to make you prepared so that you could show an outstanding performance in the exam clearing your way to your favorite study course.